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promise of tide, dewalt & kitchen aid samples I never received

My name is Carrie Fourthman. I have Pinterest on my phone and my tablet and I absolutely love the app. I...

doctor finder

Hello, My name is Dr. Sylvia Diaz, I am an endocrinologist working in Bangor, Maine. My name and personal...

doctor finder

This is not a complaint but a correction. Your site has me listed in your Doctor Finder under Acupuncture. I need to update the phone no. and address. The listing is located at

The new address is:
7400 Metro Blvd #280
Edina, MN 55439

Ph: [protected]
Please continue to list me under Minneapolis, MN. Edina is a suburb of Minneapolis. Also attached is a photo.
Thank you,
Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.

doctor finder

lifescript promise of free samples

7/12/17 Promise of free samples led from one "survey" site after another with the same questions over and...

"free products and samples"

i am continually receiving offers from LifeScript in my Facebook feed which appear to be fraudulant. I did agree to fill out surveys so that they could match products to my responses. I have taken the surveys, which turn into another survey, and into another, to no end. I have NEVER been matched to or sent ANY products, or even coupons.
It appears that it is a sales scam on home repairs, health disabilities, life insurance, loans, ... anything to which one would have answered to a question in their surveys in a positive manner ... which i did not.
These "offers" should be removed and the originator of the ads should be fined because everything about it is improper with false offers.

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I never bought anything from them!

I have no idea who these people are and I never bought anything from Lifescript. One day I noticed that decent amount of money disappeared from my card and later I found out that these charges were made by Lifescript. As I said before, I have never heard anything about them before I got charged.
When I contacted Lifescript they claimed that I was their customer and I was charged a membership fee of some kind. That was even more ridiculous.
I'm still trying to get my money back, but when I try to explain that I have nothing to do with them and that I have never used their service, they simply do not believe me. What a joke!

taking surveys for free samples.

I filled out so many surveys so I can get free samples and I don't get anything. I filled out surveys for tide, glad, Yankee candle, kitchen aide products, loreal, storage plastic container, bath and body works, freebie product, pain oinment, surveys for get paid, and until today nothing, nothing.
Is this a joke or scan, it is a really bad one. You give some kind of hope for this critical economic situation we are living and everything is false. In this last two months over more than twenty (20) surveys and not even one item received.
I was hoping with the money from this surveys, save it and give it to my children for funeral expensives. I had a cardiac rest for 6 minutes dead and two weeks in a coma. I have kidneys failure disease, terminal, on dialysis and going down in my health. I live on SSI check, have a mortgage and bills, with no money. This was like a nice solutions to some of my problems but know I know is a big lie. Can at least send the samples?

  • Di
    digitalceo Jul 05, 2017

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. But you really should have life insurance. Online surveys at BEST are only good for pocket change. Even if you are like me (laid off with nothing but time on your hands) you still won't make enough to live off of. Hope you are better. I will pray for you.

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nothing in mail

I have applied for probably a hundred samples at this point, filled out all the surveys and have received nothing! A lot of stuff from kitchen to cleaning to makeup, over and over I just get spam and lots of confirm links to fill out all the same surveys with all the same questions never getting to the point of a real confirmation (which could be the problem) but I have never received anything at all. Very disappointing how many offers I have completed, and time! I have prob spent more time and more hours on end trying to get the products

signing up for free samples

I've tried a few different lifescript "deals" & it's a never ending cycle of clicking on one thing after another. There is no end, none whatsoever. They got my information, said I qualified but the end never came-just one senseless series of "offers after another & the occasional "you're almost there. " I never have received any of the things I supposedly qualified for either. Total rip off!!!

  • Ma
    Madmomme May 19, 2017

    Where is my freebies???? Also do I have to go thought the servey every single time I want one of the freebies

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total waste of time!

I did all of their surveys and never received anything!! When I signed up for LifeScript they told me about their surveys and said that I'll be getting some free samples and other small stuff. I was so excited and wasted a lot of my time on these surveys and got absolutely nothing! When I contacted customer service and asked where my samples was they did not reply. What a scam!!
They will give you only empty promises and nothing more!

waste of time!!

Total waste of time!!
I decided to try Lifescript because they offered some free samples and I really wanted to try some of their products. I received many surveys from Lifescript and wasted a lot of my precious time on them. No matter how many surveys I've done I never received a singe sample!
When I contacted them they just blocked me and that's it.

the whole site

They seem to have very knowledgable information. If you can read it? There is so much flashing on and off the screen, moving the the articles up and down. The advertising is out of control!!! Very frustrating and you can not make it go away!! Unless they get control of this aggravating way to read, I will not return to the site! Took me 30min 2 read a 10 min art

scam calls

I joined Lifescript and signed up and wanted to get some free samples but never received anything. When I was signing up they asked my phone number and after that I've started getting strange calls non stop! All the time they say something that make no sense, last time they just called and said that my PC was hacked! I don't know how to stop this madness, they are calling and calling! Do not use this site!


how do you get away with bogus promises, time for you to shape up or shape out.why is no one doing anything about this website.discusting

fake surveys and impossible to get samples from them

I really advise all people not to deal with the company Lifescript Advantage. I tried to get free samples from them, but it was really difficult. I filled tons of questionnaires and surveys. I waited for the replies for several weeks, but in result I simply quitted. It was impossible, so please stay away from them and don’t waste your time. Inform other people as well.

  • Lm
    lmhwk Apr 16, 2016

    total rip off and con. question after question, no product just bs.

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they promise samples galore, and special offers, and then never deliver

They promise samples galore, and special offers, and then NEVER DELIVER! They ask a million questions just to get your information and then you have scores of spam in your email. Their nicely decorated website is just another way they lure people into their scam. Beware! This site is as bad as Perhaps they're even either the same site or a close relative.

  • Sm
    Smilez Dec 26, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I have tried for 2 days to use the calculator. I enter my info but when I attempt to go to the next subject I get the message enter infor and hit submit. There is no submit. I can't get past the info part. Very frustrating. Saw it on Jeopardy (sp) and it sounded great. Will try it again in a few days.

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stole the money

Lifescript Advantage sent me email about free samples of their product and I paid only $3.99 for shipping...

they just give you a few links to company websites that give free samples

SCAM! After you give your info, they just give you a few links to company websites that give free samples. Rather than go through the spam, just go to these sites: (These are the actual links you get from them as a "reward")

  • Ca
    Carrie Valenzuela Jan 14, 2014

    I have sought several things on life script for about four months now, and have not received not one product. I am beginning to believe its all bogus!!! Its a shame that their not honest. There is a lot of this going on today. I was looking forward to trying new products. When something sounds to good to be true, it usaualy is!!! Its sad though...

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  • Tr
    Trishaenglish Feb 01, 2014

    I was hoping this was not a scam. some companies do like to send products to get a feel for how the customer-user fells about the product. They are out there. Thanks for the info before I give out any personal information.

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I order Wu Yi and I cancel it my cancelation number is 4034861. They gave my name to LifeScripts which took...