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I purchased this television 11-28-16 and the TV is still well within warranty. I turned the TV on one day it had a black streak running vertically from to bottom. After an hour on the phone running through the trouble shooting hoops, nothing worked and a tech was scheduled to look at the TV. Ticket # [protected].

He came and took 6 pics and sent them to the ECR who immediately denied repairing the screen stating that there were signs of "physical damages to the TV". There is not one single scrape, scratch, dent, crack anywhere on this TV. The streak is on the inside of the screen and could not possibly have been caused by my husband or I who are the only two people in our household.

I have spent 3 hours on the phone going around in circles and not one single person will speak to me as if I am real person and tell me where they see "evidence of physical damage". They refuse to answer my questions and just keep talking in circles repeating the same thing over an over again.

I have sent an e-mail to the president of Samsung, Steven Kim, and am waiting with no expectations of actually receiving a response. The e-mail is [protected] for anyone else out there who needs it.

ECR claims they can see physical damage due to a brighter spot in the screen at the bottom of the screen. You can NOT possibly tell this by a photo of a curved screen TV where color and brightness is distorted by the curve. ECR is trained to find any way possible to NOT honor a warranty and they will lie to make sure that they don't have to repair or replace their defective product under warranty. I have attached two photos of my own. The black streak is on the inside of the screen. It is not a crack and there is no other kind of physical damage on this TV. You can NOT possibly tell that there is physical damages based on a photo.

Samsung has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. You can't even call it "customer service" because there is none! They care nothing about their customers or making right on a defective product. This is what happens when you deal with a giant corporate conglomerate that has lost sight of the fact they would not exist if not for their customers.

Will NEVER buy another Samsung product!

The BBB has received 6318 complaints filed against Samsung. 173 negative written reviews on the BBB website. Wake up top level execs! This should matter to you! Even 1 dissatisfied customer should matter!

Samsung should do the right thing and replace the defective TV. I would be happy for a refund of the $1600.00 that I paid for the TV, at this point I do NOT really want another Samsung product.


May 15, 2017
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      24th of May, 2017

    I also have a piece of [censor] Samsung TV, 3 years old has power but will not come on. Called customer service they said sorry you can pay for someone to come look at it. A TV should last longer than 3 years!! I will never buy Samsung again

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