Samsung South Africa / samsung refrigerator factory fault

Johannesburg, South Africa

My Samsung refrigerator started smelling really bad. After cleaning it twice it was still smelling rotton. We turned the refrigerator over. Rotten flued was trapped at the bottom. I have tried for three days to resolve this problem. After the "technician" was here they said that the defrosting unit is no working they will replace that. I told the agent that that is not going to solve the problem. He just said sorry that is what they are going to do and we have to pay R650. I told him that the rotton part is still at the bottom and it is still going to stink and it is a health risk. He then tells me that they can't replace that part. My point exactly - it is a factory fault. How am I the user supposed to clean it if they can't even replace it. Technician:" I have never seen anything like this". We had to help him turn over the fridge.. It is unhiegenic and we can't use the refrigerator. The Csll Centre Supervisor refused to give me a name of a manager or to get a manager to contact me. I have the proof of the conversations with the call centre agent.

Dec 19, 2014

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