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Samsung Side By Side Fridge / bum fridge

1 TN, United States

We bought a samsung fridge. Atleast most of these complaints received return phone calls. Our fridge started acting up about 1-2 weeks before our warranty run out. to this day which has been several months i have never been able to reach anyone other than a computer and have never had a return phone call. the temp. started raising and the temp. gage on the fridge started beeping continuously. That really gets on your nerves. In a few days everything in the refridgerator side was spoiled and we lost everything. we were unable to find anything that would couldn't change or lower the temp because it would automatically change itself and start rising again.after a couple of days i woke up and my fridge door was open. when i opened the door to look in side the pull of drawers were pushed out and would not go back in. When i pulled the drawers all the way out the back of the fridge was frozen. it took 2 days to thaw out all of the ice. when it was finally thawed it has frozen from the inside where some kind of panel was and had frozen so bad that it had busted the plastic on the back of the fridge and pushed it inside of the refridgerator. there was ice frozen solid inside of that panel around multiple wires and something that has some type of alluminum covering on it that looked like alluminum foil. Well i dont have a lot of money to fix this and fix that so im not sure what i'll do to replace it. My income tax money bought that piece of crap to begin with. This was back in 08. Well, now this is july of 09 and i still have not received any phone calls. I have been using an old fridge in the mean time that is an old mcgommery ward brand. they havent been in business for years and that fridge is probably almost as old as i am and it just tore up this week. so now i have nothing. It must be nice to sell a load of crap for high prices and it doesnt even last to get any wear and tare on it. i was just wondering if YOU PEOPLE CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT AFTER SELLING THIS GARBAGE? by the way, there are no techs. for samsung in the united states. they're just a bunch of rip offs. You might possibly get a call from a tech working for a different co. Me- I'm still waiting on a call.


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