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On the 27 aug I purchased a samsung laptop from curryspcworld. I chose this one over an alternative (Sony vaio) because its came with & pound;100 cashback; that's what clinched the deal. The sales assistant warned me to follow the instructions on the cashback leaflet very very carefully and stressed this a few times. He said to wait until september to send it. So, I looked at the form and there was a page to pull out and complete lots and lots of details about the purchase. It said to complete, attach a copy of the receipt and post it to and address. This is exactly what the sales assistant had said. So, on the 11th september I posted everything as instructed. So, I left it a month and i'd heard nothing. I emailed samsung on 16th october. I have had a few exchanges with samsung. Their first reply said your claim is not showing on our system and their first question was did I send it recorded delivery. Well no I didn't.

Samsung then quoted to me extracts of their full t&c where is says we recommend you use an insure postal service! However, the claim form includes 13 terms and conditions and none of them are to advise me that I should use an insure postal service and if I don't then I won't get my & pound;100.

So, it seems, that if you don't send your form by recorded delivery then samsung can say they have not received it. You cannot prove otherwise and either way they won't give you the & pound;100 cashback. The moral of this story is if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

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