Samsunglcd tv dead pixels

But unfortunately I 'am having some troubles with samsung costumer services.
I purchased a samsung le40d550k1wxtk model lcd tv on the 19th, october 2011 with the serial number b3843hlb900972h. As you will see at the attached photo, there occured many dead pixels at the different locations nearly at the same period and the number of dead pixels are increasing every passed day. I explained the situation to the turkish samsung service from the registered products service of last week and unfortunately the response of the service is:

"after the end of the warranty period guarantees device no matter the time and cause of the fault (To be user fault or device manufacturing fault doesn't matter) is given wage maintenance and repair services. "

My tv is only three years old device and needs lcd panel changed and it costs nearly a nev tv price. I am sure that there is no user fault for my tv. I see many complaints like this for samsung tv's in turkey' s complaint site

I can't pay a new tv price for lcd panel change in service for a reason that's not my fault. Please help me in this manner and i'll be glad and grateful if you solve my problem as suting to samsung's responsibilities.


Dec 30, 2014

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