Samsung / Lakes Electronics of Ft Lauderdale / Over the range microwave only 6 months old

Boca Raton FloridaFT Lauderdale, US

Unit stopped working on march 2, and was reported to Samsung that day. It took two weeks for them to send someone out At first they demanded that I send a copy of the sales receipt.which I did They then said it wasnt under warranty, when the paperwork that came with the unit clearly says it has one year parts and Labour. Then they claimed that the receipt was for a refrigerator . I read them the part number and the price of $ 169.00 and wanted to know which refrigerators they sold for $169.00
Finally a tech came out from Lakes Electronics, and said it was a loose wire and he had fixed it. the next morning the microwave still didnt turn on
I Called lakes Electronics back, and they sent the tech out again . This time he did not take the unit down, but claimed to have photographed a cockroach in the unit, so therefore the warranty was void due to infestation.
I pointed out that even if there was one roach that was not an infestation.
Nevertheless, they refused to service the unit under the warranty.
I am sure that if I had offered to pay for the service, the roach would have no longer been a problem. I requested to Samsungs (office of the president) that they take back the unit and refund my money. however, they did not respond.
Today My son in law and I took down the unit and examined it carefully.
Of course, there was no trace of a cockroach, and when we remounted the microwave back in its space, miraculously, everything worked fine
It has taken 23 days to get to where we are today, and hours of unbearable stress and frustration.
I have made a promise to myself to never ever buy a Samsung product again, and to tell all my friends and neighbours of what I been put through
by Samsung and Lakes Electronics
I guess I should be grateful that the unit didnt blow up.
I advise everyone to think twice before dealing with Samsung.

Mar 25, 2017

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