Samsung / hob - ci61r2aa st oven - bf 641 fst single pkg 0007/xfa

1. The original serial numbers

Hob - ci61r2aa st
Oven - bf 641 fst single
Pkg 0007/xfa

2. Hob was replaced - delivery note attached

3. Numerous problems with oven and hob switching off whilst cooking, baking or roasting, grilling

Cant seem to use more than 2 plates at a time on the hob eg. If boiling rice, potatoes, pasta etc. It will switch off as it gets too hot - so half way thru it will go off and have to wait a while for it to cool down then switch back on to continue.

Sometimes that will work other times it would switch off altogether and then had to have technician come out.

The same would happen with the oven - and cant roast chicken or even do any woollies food for example that needs to be in oven for a short while at about 200 for 15 - 20 minutes. Again would have to manage it and then at times switch off completely and get technician out.

Samsung have record of all the times they have been out at 4 - 6 times. I don't have record of all the exact dates - I complained and complained.

4. On 24 december 2013 samsung finally came out and replaced both hob and oven.

Hob - 220b7dada00880x
Oven - bf 641 fst

Warranty then would have been extended from that date not from original purchase date.

5. Had more problems with replaced oven / hob - 24 february 2014 had to have technician out again.

Told by technician sent by samsung said that I may have a problem with isolator cable and that's why it was overheating all the time. - he replaced it - I paid for that. - r420

There however was no problem with cable and had been one used since we moved in here from 2005 - never had problem for 8 years with previous stove.

7. 2015 still had problems and stove was still under warranty and it was fixed again

Another technician that was sent by samsung as I problems again with oven and hob and was told that maybe I had problem with the connection from my db etc - power supply - I had that tested and there was nothing wrong with it and all perfect.

8. 3 november 2015 - phoned and spoke to maureen - ref [protected]

I was put through to karabo - [protected] - manager of samsung service department as I was still having the same problems and oven had switched off completely again.

I was told it was no longer under warranty which I understood but that I have had endless problems with it since purchased and not normal for a stove to behave this way and wanted it replaced or I would post on there website about it.

I was told it was a safety feature for over heating - I do not agree this is not how a stove works and should be able to cook or back without it switching off all the time between use - very bad design and too sensitive - technician sent and replaced thermostat.

I received call back 12 november 2015 from karabo and to find out if it was ok and working again. It was but working but I would still have same problems and wanted it replace. I was told to monitor it and then phone back.

8. Since then hob and oven have switched of at least 8 times and then had to wait to switch back on again - some photos where taken as well as some of the dates. Neither oven or hob had switch off completely - only same story that I had to wait for it to cool down and then switch on again.

9. 8 february switched off, 12 february hob switched off again and then yesterday the 14 february 2016 - oven switched off completely while roasting chickens - totally inconvenienced as it was birthday celebration - previous occasions also happened when having visitors for dinners or lunches.

10. Week of 7th march 2016 - technician dispatched and then admits faulty model yet nothing further, offers to refund us yet will take depreciation into account and we must wait.

This is the 10th complaint and still not resolved? Wtf samsung?

Mar 11, 2016

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