Samsung Electronicsside xside refrigerator rs25j500dsr

I purchased this on May 21, it was delivered May 26, Saturday, last delivery Memorial Day weekend. The delivery men set it and said it should be cool in a few hours. 11:00 pm, it was just as hot as when it came in. I'm really ill & was supposed to be resting. Instead I was up every few hours, contacting Samsung support. Do this, do that, all on a chat line only to be hung up on. This is a $1, 400 fridge. I'm sick, weigh 96 lbs at 5'5", 16 mo. baby lives here. How bad do Samsung products suck? Doesn't work brand new? Does Samsung compensate me for a trip to hell? I would think so. Store said they'd bring next 1 off truck, hell no. Keep your Samsung. I would love to have someone from Samsung call & ask, "What can we do to make this up to you?" I won't hold my breath.

May 31, 2018

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