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With my Vodacom upgrade 24.09.2016 I have had endless problems with my Samsung Galaxy S7 with overheating. I took my phone to Samsung directly twice for them to check it and it still overheated after that. Eventually my apps stopped working and once again I booked it in with Samsung 08.04.2017. A month and a half later I have not receive a single call from them and I phoned 18.05.2017 and someone was going to phone me back, I phoned again 19.05.2017 for them only to tell me that the purchase document I gave them originally was not correct and they have since changed their repair process. So it took a call from me for someone to tell me this, seriously this is such bad service and I would probably not use Samsung again and will find other means of voicing my unsatisfied service with Samsung

May 19, 2017

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