Samsung Electronicsnot received my replacement cell from oct 2016 recall on samsung note 7

Oct 1 2016 I was so jazzed I saved money up for my brand new samsung note 7, it was my first high tech cell that I ever owned, I was charging it not even a full five minutes later my dog is barking and I see flames, scared I went to put out a fire which was my samsung note, my hand is permently burned from third degree burns I cry and sents I bought online at samsung, did the recall send in deal, offer of a new phone, I waited two weeks later I get excuses so I said refund, daily I waited and when I would call, id get more excuses and hung up on so my lawyer and I decided to sue but I get a call from samsung promicing the world plus if we didnt take to court, ok so I said ok and that was stupid cuz here I am still nothing so now I am taking this to court, crazy but I need sujestion even help

May 05, 2017

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