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Congratulations Samsung! You just lost what used to be 2 very loyal customers. Not only did you take a MONTH longer than you told me the warranty fix would take, but you still didn't send the correct item that you said you would. I have gone through multiple customer service reps and many hours on the phone trying to fix this. I remained calm the whole time despite that fact most of you reps don't completely understand what is being said. One rep Roddy seemed to be awesome! And I understand her hands may have been tied, but she shouldn't have made promises she can't keep.
So now for the long story of what exactly happened, I'm so disgusted with Samsung Customer Service that I can't bring myself to buy their product anymore, not to mention the only phone worth anything is the galaxy line. My husband bought a J3 Emerge in April of 2017, by June is began having issues and would not send out MMS. By September the phones charging port was so screwed up it wouldn't even charge. So in October we called support and they told us we would have to send the phone in in order to be considered for a warranty. We were told they would email a packing label, of which we had to request twice. We ended up sending it on our own dime, when we finally received their shipping label the email was in Spanish! I cant read or speak Spanish well enough to understand the directions sent. The phone was received the 12th and by the 17th we had heard back that the old phone was not fixable and that we would be receiving a new one of comparable value. Great right?! Wrong. When we received the new phone it was just that, a phone. No battery, No battery cover, just the body of the phone. I don't know about you, but I find it pretty difficult to use a cell phone WITHOUT A FREAKIN BATTERY. But Ok just a misunderstanding I'll call and get a battery and cover sent out. The first rep I talked to kept telling me I need to call my service provider for the needed items... No ma'am! My service provider has nothing to do with the fact that you screwed up and did not give me a battery or a cover for my phone! I finally get to a rep who seems to understand what I need and says they will send a battery and cover. Great, problem solved! WRONG again. They sent back the original battery and cover from the J3 Emerge. The comparable phone they sent was the Galaxy 5... just FYI they're not the same battery or cover! So I call customer service again, this is when I get Roddy. Great customer service from her, she was friendly and diffused the situation well, and she seemed to completely understand what was needed. We discovered the galaxy s5 we received was refurbished which was the excuse used for not having a battery or back cover. I told Roddy of all the run around we had done and I was told that to make things better a BRAND NEW, non refurbished phone would be sent to us expedited shipping as soon as they received the other S5. The phone was sent out the 10th of October and received 2 days later. It wasn't until the 16th that we received the "new" phone, but not before another call to customer service to check and see when it was coming, as I don't think a week is "expedited". In case you lost count we are now on week 6 of the craziness and Samsung, you still don have a happy customer! The brand new phone we were supposed to received was refurbished not new, and still had NO BATTERY!! Come on people get your act together. I give up! I ordered a battery for the phone on Amazon and I wont be purchasing another Samsung phone, I will find someone else.

Nov 16, 2017

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