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I purchased a new samsung galaxy black - sm-g900vzkavzw for my daughter on jan, 12th, 2016 through a service provider, verizon. I wanted her to have a new phone specifically since she is now on a work term in peru, so I wanted something reliable, so I thought.
About a month ago, the phone suddenly stopped working, completely dead, so since she is in peru, I asked her to talk to a local store to see if they can look at it and see if there was anything obvious, like water damage, or faulty charge, faulty battery. They found nothing wrong with it saying it had to be the electronics.
So, I went to verizon, who quickly advised me that they do look at or warrant the phone, but I need to go to samsung, which I did.
I followed normal protocol and submitted a claim of which they quickly rejected saying the phone serial number was out of the warranty period. After several call and e-mails, I finally got them to agree that the phone was under warranty, and therefore they would look at it. So they promised to send me an e-mail with the ups label, etc.
Of course, this did not happen, again and again, and after 4th attempt on the phone, I refused to hang up until it got sent. Yes, finally I got the phone out.
Almost a month has now transpired since I started this process, and I got a call from a representative that the phone was not considered under warranty since someone had opened the back cover and looked at it. They acknowledged that the electronics were shot. After much discussion, she refused to change her tune and thus I asked for a supervisor. Of course not one is available, so they promised to call me back, which the next day yesterday a gentlemen did call me.
Now I was provided two excuses: (1) phone warranty was voided as soon as the cover was removed, and (2) back cover was not the original. Not the original! How could this happened? They suggested that verizon probably changed it, so not their problem. You have got to be kidding me!
The phone was barely a month old! We managed the situation as best we could! We were expecting a reliable phone for a daughter is out of the country, but this is the service we get. A fluff off and blame it on someone else.
So I was told to verify my address so they could return the phone. I refused to verify saying I wanted it repaired or a new phone. I am at loss on what to do further. Please help if you can.

Samsung ticket # [protected]
Ray giovanatti at [protected]

Mar 18, 2016

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