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Samsung / customer service manipulation

1 United States

You'll believe it when you see it.

I purchased a dtb-h260f digital set top box to convert digital signal input (June 12 2009) from over the air local tv stations to a first generation 1080i 32" lcd panasonic display. This box is touted to upconvert digital to digital hd and i believe as it is designed, it does a good job at video hd upconversion. However, upcoversion necessitates the use of a hdmi cable that conducts both video and audio. When working properly, the audio is amplified using hdmi and the end user enjoys a wider range of sound effects and an enhanced vocal clarity. The following explanation is a true account of my experience when the hdmi audio-output failed in this "magic box" and i had to engage samsung to repair it under warranty.

The manufacturing date, determined by the serial number, is august of 08. The date of purchase was december 9th. This is important because as you will soon read, these can and often times are, manipulated to stop warranty repairs until warranty periods expire. But first let me begin at the beginning.

I contacted customer service, explained my problem and agreed to let them send me a shipping label in the mail. It never arrived. A week later, called back, they offered to email it, i agreed, never arrived. Called again asked for supervisor, was transferred to "executive customer relations" and they explained policy, over and over. Finally got a shipping label and sent it off to the service center in riverdale nj. Was returned unrepaired. Called again and this time i stayed on the phone until the agent emailed me the return shipping label. I sent it off again and then the following happened.

I received an email that the unit had been received and would be repaired and returned within 5-7 business days. Two weeks later i find out that someone had manipulated the information in their computer to cause my repair to go on hold. You see, they put in the correct manufacturing date but changed the purchase date to kick the repair until the information conflict was corrected. The solution, upload the invoice proving the purchase date constitutes a warranty repair. Keep in mind, at the time of this writing the warranty peroid of one year from the manufacutring date of august 08 is still two months in the future. A person with common sense would do the warranty repair and be done with it. Not samsung.

Asked for a supervisor, was told a supervisor would review my file and call me with in 72 hrs. Two plus weeks later began receiving voice mails on my home answering machine indicationg that there is a problem with the purchase date. This is after i had uploaded the purchase invoice. Are you starting to see how calculated they have become in supporting the questionable products they sell? I will fill you in on a couple of other practices that allowed aproximatly two months to pass and the second repair has yet to be compleated. I might mention here that samusung policy is after three repairs, a replacement unit will be sent instead.

Upon calling in to customer service, they ask for your phone number. They then ask for you warranty "transaction" number. They review your file and then come back on the line and ask what you want. Each time you send the unit in for repair your transaction number is updated to a new number. If you are using a tranaction number of a more recent event they dont see the information from the other repairs. Please note, they get a lot of unhappy customers, a lot. So be forewarned that they usually are not the most compassionate and understanding folk on the planet.

I recommend that you use the phone companies thee digit code to cloak your phone number. At&t uses *67. I found that this company can automatically identify your phone number and send you in to a phone loop, or just disconnect your call. At times of high call volume at the service call center [protected] the calls will dump and you can spend upwards of five hours trying to get through. I did this because i was starting to become suspicious that the motivation of these folks was to expire the warranty period before the repair could be compleated. When you get dumped or put on hold, simply call back in to the wrong department and have them transferr the call. This circumvents the automated phone number tracking through their computer.S

To review, flagging problem phone numbers, manipulating purchase dates-requiring "verification documentation", promising to send shipping labels when they never arrive, not requiring the service center to repair the units adequately, and gererally lying cheating and stealing our time to problem solve these creative ways know only to samsung customer service cause most of use to never consider the samsung name ever again in any upcoming purchases.

Hoped this helped you reduce the time you will have to invest to get your samsung produt repaired. Good luck.

Brad belles

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