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Samsung / poor customer service

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In the past I made the mistake of purchasing a "brand name" product, assuming that I would receive better services should things go wrong. However, this is a mistake I will not ever do again. I purchased 3 air conditioners, 2 tv sets and everything was fine until I needed customer service. I was told that I would have to pay to have my ac returned to my closest repair place, which happened to be in michigan. Being from wv I found this ridiculous. It was under warranty but the customer service people were rude. Told me there was nothing they could do about it. Fixed the problem myself. Took it out side and beat the crap out of it vowing never to buy nothing else from them. Last mother's day, my children decided to get me a new cellphone. Guess what they picked out? Yes! It's a samsung. Owning it just 70 days it completely died. I contacted them the first time to which I was told that it would cost me $65.00 for them to fix it. My children only paid 68.00 for it. I ask the man if he was on some kind of drugs. Still ticked off after a few days I decided to call back and complain to someone other than the customer service reps. This time I got a nice lady who said that what I was told by this man was incorrect and that I did have a years warranty and it should not cost me nothing. The cell phone has been sent off for several weeks and i'm still waiting patiently. I hope this one gets straightened out.

Word to the wise... Send samsung to bankruptcy. They are more than happy to tell you what you want to hear when something is purchased but then if you have a problem? Forget about it.

Tv's? 1 has already tore up right after warrenty expired and just idlely waiting for the others.

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  • Va
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    My 45 day old Samsung LCD TV broke in early July. Since it was under warranty, Samsung told me to ship it at my expense($18.39 on 7/11/08)to the service center. The TV came back just as broken as when I sent it. I was advised to send it back a second time at my expense ($18.39 on 7/23/08). The TV came back fixed, but I sent a letter of complaint on 7/23/08 saying that they should reimburse me for having to ship it a second time. I received no response to that letter. I made follow up phone calls on 8/27/08 and 9/22/08. Someone finally called on 9/27/08. When I returned the call on 9/29/08, I was told they do not reimburse for shipping, but that they could extend my warranty by 8 months. While I am glad about that, I still feel they should reimburse me for the second shipping expense, and for my trouble in having to hound them for 3 months. I would be unlikely to purchase a Samsung product again. 10/1/08 - One day after I originally posted this, Samsung called and offered to reimburse me for postage for the second shipping instead of the warranty extension. I took the money, although it would have been nice if they had offered both.

  • Na
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    I am Natesh Behl from india and I have had a worst experience with samsung. I bought a samsung referigerator, mobile phone, microwave, television set and washing machine but of no use. Each and every product is ridiculous.Services provided by Samsung are also very poor and not up to the mark. one can throw his/her money into a savage place than to buy samsung. I have so many problems with samsung. few days ago my samsung microwave started giving problem and when i did call samsung engineer he said there is some thing wrong in IC. we told him to make it right. he did hardly anything to make it right he did cleaned the ic with a brush and charged rupees 1700, and the problem is as it is.Now it is not working .Now when we are calling him time and again he is not picking up the phone.This is the height of sheer negligence.Problem was found in the door switches of microwave and he cleaned the ic. This is the condition of their engineers. They dont know how to examine the fault in their own products.They are just befooling the people and making illicit money. They are doing nothing for their, but they are losing their faith on customers which is not good for anymultinational company. They are bankrupts. They can't value our hard earned money.It is absurd to buy a brand like SAMSUNG.It deserves contempt rather than appreciation.I dont have and shall not have any genre of problems with genuine Brands like PHILIPS, PANASONIC, SONY AND LG EVEN WITH SANSUI.But i have never seen a worst brand like SAMSUNG. I recommend every one not to waste his/her money on this brand. You will surely repent in the future if you ever do this mistake of buying samsung.PLS, PLS, PLS, PLS value your hard earned money and save your precious time.I will never do this foolishness of buying this ridiculous brand in the future. I hope who will read this review will comply on my advise.

  • Na
      27th of Oct, 2008
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  • Dm
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    i've had my ht-wx70t repaired twice and it still doesn't work. do you sell rhe main unit with out remote, speakers, wireless speaker set up? If so don't send me something that does work.
    send info to

  • Ka
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    Think your safe with purchasing brand name products? Not with Samsung!

    Most people will purchase big name products for the security of knowing they care about there costumers enough to help them they are at fault, well think again.

    I called Samsung June 23 09 to find out how to get a new battery for my digital camera, the lady on the phone gave me the "product code" and a few places I would be able to find it, most of the places didn't have it but I managed to find it at The Source. They said they didn't actually have the battery but could order it in but it would cost $15 on top of the cost of the battery, I agreed and paid upfront. A few days later I went back to pick up my battery and realized it was not the correct one! I looked at the "product code" on there box and it was indeed the same one I gave them. They refunded my money for the battery but did not refund the $15 delivery fee because, of course, they gave me exactly what I had ordered.

    The next day I called Samsung back to tell what had happened, the lady on the phone was extremely rude and told me I must have wrote down the wrong code, it's not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked her if she would give me the code again and this time it was 3 digits shorter! So she is basically telling me I somehow added on 3 digits to my code? I talked to my boyfriend who previously worked at a future shop and he told me that even if I did somehow add on 3 digits, the chance of it being another product code is slim to none.

    I decided to take it higher, I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone above her and she gave me ever excuse in the book as to why that wouldn’t be possible. Primarily it was that there was no supervisor, then the phones where unable to transfer, and eventually I pushed and she said that there would be someone above her who could call me back in 48 hrs! If your supervisors are that busy that they will be on the phone for 48hrs before they can contact me, obviously you guys are doing something wrong. When the supervisor did call me she was already angry she told me the only option was to order another battery from a store called global electronic supplies, and it will take 10 business days to arrive and I would have to pay another shipping fee! They also said that they can’t remove any shipping fees because it was not there company. I tried to find someone higher then the supervisor but they dragged there feet in the mud the whole way and said they couldn't give me any information on contacting anyone higher.

    After spending almost a week giving them shot after shot to redeem themselves, I surrendered. I decided to just buy another digital camera that was not, and that no product ever will be again, anything from the Samsung brand. So let this be a lesson I learned for you, think going with big name products like Samsung will mean better service? Think again!

  • Th
      12th of Dec, 2011
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    I purchased a 46" Samsung television in 2008. It is now December of 2011 and the television no longer works. I paid close to $2000.00 for the television and this is way too soon for an sophisticated electronic device to have become useless. The worst part is that I contacted Samsung and they admitted that this model had problems with its capicators and offerred to repair them for free. It turns out that the capicitors were not the complete problem and the mother board was malfunctioning. The repair person intimated that the defective capicitors could have caused the mother board to fail. When I contacted Samsung and explained the issue they refused to do anything even after I talked to a supervisor. I do not believe that this is proper and will not buy any other Samsung products. I would recommend looking at other manufacturers before purchasing a Samsung.

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