Samsung / blu-ray 3d player

Durban, South Africa

My Blu-ray started showing FAN NG and then switches itself off. I took it to the Samsung branch in Springfield park Durban. They "repaired" it and had it for about 3 weeks.
I fetched it and when I plugged it in it wasn't even 4-5 hours and it was doing the same thing. Showing FAN NG and switched off again. This happened a couple of time so I unplugged it and took it back. They had it for another 3 weeks and when I fetched it yesterday and plugged it in today and it is still doing the same thing. I took a picture which I will attach.
This unit is still in its warranty period.
What can I do to get my unit fixed?
Will Samsung let me drive back and forth for the rest of my life?
Who can I contact that can help me solve this problem?

I really hope there is someone who can help me with this.



Jul 09, 2016

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