Samsung / adh premium after sales nightmare experience

rivonia repair center snd sandton unmarked adh center, South Africa

 hi my name is sindiso mtetwa
In march I initiated a claim and wrote an email for my s6 edge which had a cracked screen and was overheating. I did not receive a response, but at the same time I registered my handset online with adh.

Last month in june after not receiving feedback and the problem worsening I called in using my s6  edge and the lady whom answered apologized said she would reactivate my adh and call me in a few minutes I never received a call bac.  call it a god send, but that evening after surfing the internet using my s6 edge my phone went flat and did not turn on again. The next morning I wrote an email to enquire why again I had been contacted.  i figured given the lady had said she was reactivating my adh then I might as well proceed  to my closet adh repair center indicated on the official samsung website.

When I arrived I was told that my adh was not reactivated  and that they were not part of samsung or adh. It was shocking as they had samsung signage and were in the official site the man went on to say that they did not even talk to adh except via emails.  i asked to use the phone spoke to the lady (Charilise) whom had spoken to the previous evening asked for their physical address and proceeded to a place in sandton which she gave me.  apon arrival I no longer was seeing samsung official signage and was greeted by a lady whom said the matter had been escalated to her and my claim was being honoured so I left my phone was given the loaner handset  and left.  i couple days later I recieved an email communication stating that additional problem was found namely the motherboard and I was to accept or reject.  i rejected this because I was online with my phone and used it to call so how could the motherboard be faulty. We went back and forth in this regard for 2weeks.  i even received a side sms communication asking if I accept or reject to which responded that they use one forum for transparency.  yesterday 12 july after almost 3 weeks ofme challenging the mother board story I recieved a call stating that it was the charging point I was being billed for and not the mother board. Yet another layer had been added they went in to say the repair center where the phone is physically repaired  quoted me wrongly  she said she was sending through a quote for charging point from  ".  .. Care"

Yes another entity had entered.  this is confusing yes as now I am no longer with samsung of which adh is not part of and we whom are different to the repair center and now I must accept a contradicting quotation for a company named something care.  bear in mind this is all one email communication under the header  "samsung adh premium"   needless to say  my response was because  first quote was baseless; you come with a different one. Bear in mind that this is one convesation that all parties responded to backing the mother board qoute I over a two week plus period, but now that's its validity is questioned I am dealing with yet another entity that is doing a about turn.

 i am not sure if samsung south africa or samsung international is aware that their name is being drug through the mud by people they contract.

 this is disheartening.  i am buying a samsung product as with all my appliances but now I am being lied to, with unfufilled promises to call back, then I am given the run around, now statement and quatations change as the buck is pushed; and I learn of different entities but in the end we buy samsung so if samsung is not aware if these strong arm tactics to siphon money from their valued customers I urge they take immediate action. Mind you the two contradicting qoutations have the same charge at least if we are to be taken for a ride there is no need to insult ones intelligence to that extent.   very disgruntled and disspointed. I rejected the second qoute yesterday as who knows whats what. If someone from samsung the real samsung can get back to me I will provide video and audio recordings for my visit to the service center aswel as audio call recordings for all conversations in this regard

It proving to be a nightmare warranty experience.  if you see, the only other post I have ever made  on hello peter was a compliment to outsurance  for their outstanding service and good work. So I don't just complain but also give credit where credit is due.  

Jul 13, 2016

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