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I went into The Salvation Army on May 26, 2015 to purchase some clothing. I found several items that i liked. I went into the fitting room to try on a couple pair of capris and the tag that is STAPLED on the waist band of the pants was not pushed down, it was sticking straight out. I did not realize this and when I was trying the pants on, the staple cut into my leg. I don't think they should be stapling the tags on to the garments. this is a real safety hazard. The photo is of my leg just below the knee. I think something should be done about this procedure of attaching the tags to the garments, so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Salvation Army

May 31, 2015
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  • Mk
      31st of May, 2015

    That is like going to ANY store and not seeing a pin that YOU missed and saying it is the fault of the store...


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  • Ma
      31st of May, 2015

    I disagree. That was not Salvation Army fault. The person who used the staples may not have seen that is quite common using them. If I tried on some clothing, I would first inspect them for errors, as I should for everything I think of buying.

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  • Pa
      10th of Oct, 2015

    i live in booneville ms and bought 2 home steam cleaned them, vacuummed and had them looking great...someone knocked on my door and said she came to pick up her chairs she bought yesterday, , , i bought them today...someone needs to come manage booneville ms store, , cause this has happened more than once, , , i give alot to salvation army but these people are very rude and hang up on me when it wasnt even my fault...i did the right thing but not before i got my money back also for cleaning them...wont be back until new people are in ...very rude for a godly store like this that people give and give, , , , something needs to be done in booneville ms salvation store...god bless...patricia guinn

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  • Tr
      9th of Mar, 2016

    Staples also ruin clothing by leaving holes, common sense.

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