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I've recently become homeless not because of eviction due to failure to pay my rent nor any fault of my own. I've gone to the salvation in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL. I have been treated with pure disgust. The staff judged me based on my appearance and made me feel even worse than I did when I walked in. As I'm in tears the woman is telling me that I must have done something to deserve it ppl dont just get put out for no reason. Then she told me that there was nothing they can do for me and I had to leave. I went to the salvation army emergency shelter and the woman there told me I don't look like I belong there which made me feel like I shouldn't be. I went to these ppl for help and was dismissed. I would like to know How can I file a formal complaint? These ppl should not be in their positions

Mar 21, 2016
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  • Ma
      Apr 24, 2016

    Your did not explain the real reason you had to leave, so without knowing that from both sides it is impossible to evaluate.
    One thing I do understand is from the results of college students staying in my house. (I am making no profits, just trying to meet expenses.) One I am always inclined to lock the door from because his room is a horrible mess and I will lose a lot of money after he leaves just to clean and fix things. Now if I forced him to leave, he would argue no reason simply because he just never learned how to take care of things. What I know he is totally blind about.

    We ALL have responsibility, regardless of capability. That we must recognize, or can never advance.

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