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Salvation Army / harassment/discrimination

Apr 29, 2015
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Contact information:
Salvation Army
534 5th Parkersburg wv 26101
Phone: 304-485-3654
I have been being harassed and bullied by the director of the local Salvation Army her name is Kathy, she refused to give her last name at the time of the incident, as I sat in her office to discuss my current situation she became snide and vicious with no apparent reasoning behind her attitude and began laughing in my face before we had even began a conversation. I immediately removed myself from her presence, went downstairs to where there was a community gathering and food was being served. She then appeared and began gossiping about me shouting my personal information in a public setting and berating me whilst I stood by I then approached her and stated that she should not be mocking me or spouting my name about as if she we a child. Her husband then intervened and asked me not to speak to his wife I apologized to him abruptly and made him aware of my circumstances. I was then escorted from the building as I was she threatened me further with expulsion from the facility, as I sat outside I was approached by another woman named Ms. Billie who then went on to tell me further stories of the directors abuse and misuse of the Salvation Army facility and it's inhabitants. I responded with no surprise to the fact that she stated her to be a vindictive self serving non-religious person based on her previous experiences. It is my sincerest belief that this woman should not be allowed to maintain her position as an authoritative figure when she cannot maintain a calm and reasonable demeanor.


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N  5th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Salvation Army - Too much fun
Salvation Army
tupelo drive
citrus heigths
United States
Phone: 9167262768

I was on salvation army thrift store and the manager was talking about sex in front of me thats nasty??? What do u think??? My kids was there.
A  27th of Nov, 2008 by 
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That was extremely inappropriate. You should have complained to the board. I no longer give to the Salvation Army or have any respect for them at all. Many years ago, when I was a single mom, I swallowed my pride and asked for help from them to get my car fixed. I did NOT want a handout, I would have gladly repaid the money but they said no. The situation was that I had just been offered a temporary job in the next town, about 25 miles away. My car broke down the same day and I needed $300 to get it fixed. I was desperate; none of my friends had the money to loan me, and I called Salvation Army. The woman I spoke to was extremely rude. When I asked why they would not help me, she hung up on me. I lost out on the job because I had no way to get there. There was a possibility that it would have turned into something permanent. I still don't know why they would not help me, but every Christmas, I get a perverse pleasure out of walking past the red kettles and the idiot ringing. They wouldn't help me when I was down, so I won't help them now.
A  20th of Feb, 2009 by 
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They are snotty, snooty people. The Thrift store people are minimum wage people hired off the street, or out of their rehab centers-steer clear of them. You could probably get them fired if you complain loud and long enough. If it was their minister/preacher/officer (uniformed), then forget it, their bosses will cover for them. Threaten to sue them for sexual harassment and they'll send a team of lawyers to talk with you (won't pay you anything, though!)
Yes, the people that control the money are usually abused employees that hate working there, are trapped by low wages and low education. So, they take it out on people just trying to catch a break, as some kind of revenge or thumb in the nose to the officers that mis-manage the locations.
Don't give them a dime, ever, and trash them to everyone you know, all the time- that's the best way to get revenge on those greedy suckers.
By the way, years ago I called them to come get some items in their little truck. They first asked what the items were, whether they all worked well, how "new" they were, said they didn't want to drive to my house for "junk". I told them to go to hell, called the Vietnam Veterans or some other organization that came and got the stuff-it was all fairly new, so the greedy Salvation Army screwed themselves.
N  23rd of Jun, 2009 by 
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i worked at a salvation army for almost two years. i started when i was sixteen and it was my first job. i am not a problem child in anyway and i was not " hired off the street". i think it is horrible what you are saying about this orginization. i agree they have some problems but i met alot of people there that they had helped. im 18 now and its sad that " grownups" these days are so imature and childish that they go to a website to complain about insignificant things like this.
D  20th of Dec, 2009 by 
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"I was on salvation army thrift store and the manager was talking about sex in front of me thats nasty??? What do u think??? My kids was there."

Let's pick this apart here. First you stated that you were on salvation army thrift store. What were you doing on the building? Second, the manager was talking about sex in front of you that's nasty? Is that a statement or a question? Sex must not be too nasty if you have kids. And you summed up this pile of mess with "My kids was there". Do you mean your kids were there? I think instead of complaining so much you should enroll yourself back in grammar school at whatever grade you dropped out. My guess would be fifth.
N  15th of Apr, 2010 by 
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Salvation Army - lies to community on sex offenders
Social services
British Columbia
Phone: 604 646 6800

Agency houses pedophiles in the DTES of Vancouver. Is not transparnt to the community receives large amouts of money from Corrections Canada to house repeat sex offenders.

This sociaty is false in ommiting where it makes its money and what it does for the community.
N  9th of Jan, 2011 by 
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Salvation Army - everything
Salvation Army
United States

Salvation Army employs Domestic Violence Abusers. Regardless of the proof given to them, they do not hold abusers accountable, they employ them and look the other way. This is defrauding of the worst kind, especially for an organization that claims to be against domestic violence against women & children.
N  5th of Nov, 2011 by 
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Salvation Army - Scam
Salvation Army
United States

They have halloween decorations on the sales floor, price tagged, but management wont sell it b/c they say its "anti-christian"!
A  7th of Aug, 2012 by 
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Then they should not have it on the floor
A  7th of Aug, 2012 by 
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A lot of their money goes to Anti Gay programs as well
N  17th of Aug, 2012 by 
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Salvation Army - Blocking street with truck
Salvation Army
Des Moines
United States

Trying to get home after work. They had the truck blocking the entire street. They had the nerve to tell me they are in no hurry. They get paid by the hour. I need to move out of their way. When I did move they drove over the person's yard across the street. Proceeded to act like it was my fault. When i spoke with there boss he had the nerve to yell at me. I couldn't drive down my street for over a half hour.
N  9th of Oct, 2012 by 
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The driver gave me the middle finger and said I'm a cracker. Who do you have driving these trucks on central ave in Yonkers New York.
N  9th of Oct, 2012 by 
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I really don't understand what kind of a person would be driving the Salvation Army truck and telling people to go F themselves you know it's disgusting that that's how the Salvation Army hires people it's disgusting how I was racially slurred at and I'm filing suit. Someone needs to check their manners at the door if they're going to work for the Salvation Army they need to have respect for people in this world. I cannot believe this disgusting mannerisms the driver did towards me I'm simply disgusted and I can't say the word enough.
N  29th of Nov, 2012 by 
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N  18th of Nov, 2013 by 
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Salvation Army - mistreatment
salvation army
27 moorish
United States
Phone: 4192412299

The major who is in charge of the arc in Toledo mistreats the guys who are in treatment there.She is overbearing and a control freak but yet she claims to be a compassionate christain.The major i'm speaking of is Mrs.Major Mclean.
N  16th of Apr, 2014 by 
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Salvation Army - Manger

Manager Rachel is a drug and sex addict from deer park store. She doesn't do nothing all day only steals from the Salvation Army, then she has the guts to treat her volunteer workers like ###. I just saw a girl crying because of her. Rachel does not deserve to be a manager but a dog !!!
N  6th of Oct, 2014 by 
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Salvation Army - Discrimination and Harassment
1010 Currie Ave
United States

58 year old male US Army veteran in 2-yr grant per diem program through VA. I have been falsely accused, insulted, harassed, and racially discriminated against by Staff Members at Harbor Light building many times by Johnnie Mayfield. Filing lawsuit.
N  15th of Mar, 2018 by 
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I am a 40 year old female with 3 children. I have been a resident for approximately 7 weeks, trying tro get on my feet. Since I have been there I have complied with all rules, volunteered when I was available and got along with all the other residents. I had on problems till recently a former employer of there's picked me up to give a ride to orientation. The first time she gave to the hospital, l had a virus, they required me to bring back my discharge papers before allowing my back in, as if that's not where or what I was doing. The second offense their were several people out they waiting for the van to pick them up. I jokingly said "hey where are yall going I want to go . Captain Rob told me I was not ready for that and it was inappropriate for him to tell me why I couldn't go. Later that evening I spoke with some of the ones that went and found out they were enrolled in a 10 week program at Tri-County Technical college. I had completed that program approximately 2 months prior to that and the certificate I received is what has helped me obtain the position I have. However his comments made me very incapable of doing anything that most people can do.. Now that brings me back to him not approving of my ride, Captain Heather had said that she would help me with transportation so I wouldn't be tempted to use drugs.. When I spoke with her this morning she told me "that she didn't think I was ready for that and I needed to be in a rehab., but if she felt that way why did she wait till I found employment to tell me this? I felt that she didn't want to take on the responsibility of getting me to work every morning. She didn't tell me I looked high until I questioned her about getting me to work in the am, then she continued to tell me I was high, this was in front of at least 7 people, and they were all offended by the way she treated me. She also stated that "I shouldn't work on an assembly line high I could hurt. They also had New Horizons there today for health checks, I even asked one of them if I looked high and he said "no" The job I obtained this week I had to take and pass a drug screen to get, and I did. Also after her accusations I asked her several times to take a drug screen in front of her there, and she denied. Other than the friend that I have that she has problems with I feel she's taking them out on me. This is a small town and her ex employee has never had any problems with me, and I don't think that's its fair for me to limit my job opportunities because she has a problem with me. This morning I was so upset I left in a ambulance fearing I was about to have a panic attack. With all that being said I really home that someone takes the time to look into this. I have been working hard to meet goals and to get my life back on track. Most of us there have been through a lot and need positive support. Please feel free to contact me at carrielittlefield3@gmail. Thank You for your time, yours truly,
Carrie Littlefield
N  15th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Also I forgot to mention that the people were in the cafeteria all want to sign statements on what they witnessed. if you could send an email or some forms, they would be glad to feel them out. Again thanks so much.
Carrie Littlefield

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