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I am a DOG groomer for shelters. I have a fantastic set of Wahl Clippers. I sent my husband into this store to buy replacement blades. He called me as soon as he got there I let them know I need blades for this specific model. YOU would thinkg Sales associates working these stores would know how to sale you the right item considering the only way of getting the blades is from the sales associate at the counter. Since they refuse to give customer satisfaction on items that sales reps should have knowledge of the consumer pays the price. When my husband returned with the bag yes I had bag balm on my hands yes it got on the OUTSIDE of the package and well anyone that has delt with DOGs knows DOG hair gets on everything. so ok yes I admit The ink on the back of the package was smeared and ok so maybe a DOG hair or 2 was on my hand but the package wasn't opened even after me calling them after pulling the package out of the bag and telling the associate that this is the incorrect one she sold us I was told well they are the same size and they changed them a bit. Well I could tell by looking thru the clear package without opening it that I have 3 screw holes that need to bolt the blade on not 2. So since I had to wait 2 days for a manager to call who insisted she would lose her JOB if anyone found out but since the package wasn't opened she would do exchange for the right ones. So sent my husband in to exchange them and due to me wiping the oil off the outside of package causing the smear on the upc code she refused to exchange. So I called the corporate office who then called the store to have the store manager LIE to them saying I was trying to get CASH back on blades that had been used and was covered in hair. I questioned them how that could be when the package was never opened there was no way hair got inside and it was impossible for me to even use them since I don't have a set of clippers that even takes that blade. I was then told by the corporate office that one can use blades without a set of clippers. I said yes of course I should of tried that maybe i can comb the blades thru the DOGs hair and cause them to vibrate opposed to each other to get the JOB done thanks for your help. Since this incident and talking to a hairdresser that has her own shop in the zone to find out she won't even give this store any business since they refuse to ever exchange items that don't even work even items bought 2 hours prior to returning to the store. Maybe the store remembers the blowdryer that cost well over $100.00 that shorted out and nearly burnt her hand. Sally stores sell supplies and I know they can't control if they get a faulty item but they should return it and send it back to this company itself but seems it doesn't matter if it's an item that has malfunctioned or a sales rep that is incompetent but my take on it is I know the economy is in a crisis even chain stores have had their share of problems but you shouldn't rip off your customers especially when you need customers that are satisfied to keep your business going. Overall I believe the sales rep sold the incorrect item on purpose this set of blades cost more then the set I needed and they need sales and afterall the sale is final even on unopened packages doesn't matter if they have hired incompetent workers that have NO knowledge of blades you would reckon the workers would at least know how to read the paper to match the blades for your model. I will not shop here ever for a second time for anything and well I know a hairdresser that suggests the same.

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  • Kj
      Apr 15, 2012

    Common sense would tell you not to let a child stand/sit in the cart. Blame yourself not Walmart's carts.

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  • Ti
      Apr 28, 2012

    You are a ###.

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  • Sa
      Jun 03, 2016
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    I was browsing the aisle for products and as I was walking from one aisle to the next I noticed a young woman whom works as an sales associate was following me from one aisle to the next. I approached her and made her aware that I felt uncomfortable and would be reporting this incident. I shall never shop at a Sally's Beauty shop again!

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