Sally Beautyemployees being extremely rude

E Nov 16, 2017 Review updated:

Myself and my daughter walked in before 8pm on 11-16-2017 in the Sanger Sally's Beauty. I was trying to purchase some items for me and my daughter and one of the employee on the cash register reminded me that it was 8:04 and it was closing time and that they were closed. The other employee that was working there thought it was funny or something because she was on the other isle just laughing. I felt like they were being very rude and disrespectful so i didn't purchase nothing and left because i felt like she was kicking me out and her coworker was just laughing. They need to be polite to customers. I would like for there supervisors to have a talk with them.


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      Nov 17, 2017

    The coworker may have been laughing at something else. Either way, it is incredibly rude to enter a store at or after closing. The employees have families, jobs, school, and/or other commitments, and you should be respectful to them just as you want them to be respectful to you.

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  •   Nov 17, 2017

    Men buy shampoo, conditioner, nail implements, combs, etc. plus his daughter may have needed things. entering a store right at closing time isn’t fair to the workers. “there” supervisors? oh, daddy needs grammar lessons. their supervisors would tell them not to work overtime without authorization. sounds like daddy needs to set a better example.

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