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I worked at Sallys for two years and for those two years I have had 4 managers which were all young and not qualified to run a store, they will hire anyone off the streets when they are desperate. The first manger I had was young and hired her best friend moved her up to 40 hours when I was hired for 40 hours and I had to work my a## off for those hours my manager told me so I did then she and her friend ended up quitting, then they hired this guy who was out for just money was really rude and quit, the third manager was a ex drug addict and bi polar and really mean to us employees we tried talking to our district manager about it multiple times over the years and she did nothing, she would talk about drugs with us call us nasty names was lazy, did nothing at all but sit in the back and eat food and talk about the dugs she did.
And our fourth manager was absolutely horrible, me and this other employee worked out a##ES off to move up in OUR store and our old manager wrote a paper saying that one of us would take over to be manager but instead they transferred a girl over to be manager and she ended up transferring two of her best friends over also' we tried to complain but they told us to #### off pretty much and it was pure hell' those three talked ####, they didn't do anything but break all the rules and act like queens, we did all the work while they say on there a##ES talking ####.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in South Jordan, UT We went to HR and Employee Concern line about her, because she bullied one of the employees for a month, then called another employee a B#### to her face and we told our DM and she didn't do ###, instead she just made us work with her. So with us 3 original employees trying for months to get someone to just help us, we all ended giving up and one girl quit the job she loved, the other had to transfer from her home store to another store and well me my manager ####ed me over and got me fired for nothing. This company is thee most twisted, most exhausting, most [censored]ed up place I have ever worked for in my life.
A day before Christmas Eve I got a voice mail from my manager saying I was suspended until further noticed, so two weeks later without ANYONE talking to me or having me come in the store and write A statement or anything like that, I had to find out by a completely different MANAGER that I was fired. Not once did my manager, my DM or The head guy DAN contact me or talk to me or let me tell my side of the story or let me write a statement or anything, they litterarly left me in the dark for two weeks with out knowing anything then I have to find out from a different manager I'm fired? Lol for what? For NOTHING! This company is so unprofessional and will screw you over. They let immature high school kids run a store as manager and no one is adult enough to talk to you in situations like mine, I would not recommend working here. It's awful! And a awful experience.

Jan 15, 2017
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      Dec 05, 2018

    I was recruited to Sallys about 7 months ago. My original Regional Manager was wonderful and helped me throughout training. Was always available. About 3 months into this job as a District manager they fired my RD then hired this other guy who was completely cocky. He is sexist, makes rude comments about the stores and the company. I spoke to a couple of my managers about his behavior towards them. Within 2 weeks I was fired!! I've never even been written up!! The Reason was poor work performamce. I had to dig this district out of the gutter when i first started and we had been #1 in the Region recently. I made complaints to HR the employee concern line and the VP. Everyone sided with this jerk because he was friends of the VP!! Watch your back with this company!!!

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