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SallieMae student loan / horrible people who lie all the time

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Right now I'm unemployed, looking for a new job, which is not the easiest thing right now.
Companies are letting people go these days, not hiring new people.

I admit, I've been very irresponsible for a while. My loan payment was 200 days late. But at the end of January, I made a payment (part of my past due amount) to make things right again. When I was making that payment, the rep told me,

"as long as you keep up with the monthly payment from now on, everything will be fine. Your loan will not default. Just keep making payments on time."

I believed that.

The VERY next day, I received another call from SallieMae.

The person was NOT AT ALL professional to begin with, very rude, and he told me that unless I make another payment right at that moment my loan will default. I told him the exact thing the other rep told me the day before, but that didn't matter.
Then I talked to his supervisor, and that supervisor woman threatened me that if I don't make another payment (2 payments in 2 days!!) she'll report me as "UNWILLING TO PAY BACK THE LOAN".

Hello... I just made payment YESTERDAY!!! How does that translate to "unwilling" to make payment???

And then she told me that they are collectors, they don't know when my loan will default. The other rep gave me false information. And according to their GUIDELINE, either I make payment or she reports me and my loan will default.
(Hey, didn't you just say that you are just collectors and you don't know when a loan would default???)

I wanted to argue, but everytime I said something she didn't want to listen and kep saying that she will report me and my loan will default over and over.

So I had to make another payment.

Oh, and one more thing...
She said there's going to be a processing fee for making the payment. I asked if I can pay online right now. She says,

"oh, the processing fee for online is higher. I'll lower the fee to $7 for you now. Or if you hang up I'm going to report you unwilling to pay."

I argued that I remember online payment being free, but she gave me some ### story about the collection works differently and I can't make online payment because my account is delinquent, and yes, she will report me. (She mentioned reporting me at least 15 times throughout the conversation.)

So even though I know for SURE that online payment is free, I was forced to pay the processing fee as well.

I can't express how much I hate dealing with SallieMae reps. They lie to you, they give you false information, they harass you, call you 15 times a day with different area code and ### phone numbers, and they threaten you.

I know it's solely my fault that I didn't make payments for 6 months. I should've taken care of it before things became ugly.
But even then I don't believe I deserve that kind of treatment from the representatives.

I don't expect respect, but I definitely never expected to be threatened and lied to by these people.

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      28th of Mar, 2009
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    Jason, your message is not realJason, the tone of your message is not really necessary. This person stated that that they are unemployed. Do you seriously troll the internet to find people down on their luck and try to belittle them? If so that's pretty pathetic .

    Whoami did not really give enough info to judge like you did. "Irresponsible" could mean that they had chosen to eat over paying a student loan or "my fault" is how they see the fact that they are not employed. Anyway you sound like a Sallie Mae employee.. anyone who has dealt with them in rough times could probably spot the tone.

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