Sallie Mae / Student loan fraud

United States

Never sign a loan with Sallie Mae! First to begin with how they handled my grandfather's account. My grandfather died in August 2013 and immediately we received a letter from Sallie Mae stating that his loan had defaulted. My grandfather had co-signed for my cousin. My mother offered Sallie Mae $15, 000, which Sallie Mae accepted and later they officially released my grandfather from the account. We have a letter signed by a Sallie Mae agent. However, they began sending letters to my dead grandfather and calling my family (we live in my grandfather's house) looking for my cousin. We had already given Sallie Mae her contact information. We repeatedly told Sallie Mae to stop calling us and sending letters to a dead man! However, they refused to. Suddenly, they began telling us that my mother made a payment and that they don't have proof that my grandfather is dead! I am speechless on how low they would go. We had sent them a death certificate twice now and they still deny the fact that my grandfather is dead. I am beyond emotionally distressed.

Then for my own account. Where do I begin? How about Sallie Mae writing unauthorized checks and causing my bank account to become overdrawn three times? How about Sallie Mae telling me that I don't care about my account, because I explained to them that I am currently injured and can't work? What about the fact that my uncle made two payments for me and they are not listed in my payment history? Now last week I spoke to man named Rob and he told me that my last payment was in April, therefore Sallie Mae is legally able to send my account to collections for default on July 31st. Now I'm being told that I never made a payment. I am so tired of Sallie Mae. I can't sleep, I can't breath, and I feel helpless because Sallie Mae knows that they are protected by the law. They can mess around with people and drive them crazy, because they believe that they are above the law!

Well, guess what? They'll have to sue me to get the money. When I am summoned to court, then I will petition a class action suit for emotional distress. I am ready for it. I know that I am not the only dealing with lies from Sallie Mae. You make payments, but somehow according to Sallie Mae then this never happened. "We need proof." How many times must I send them the death certificate for my dead grandfather before they leave us alone? I am so tired, but God is going to help me. But I want help for everyone. Let's start a class action suit!

Jul 30, 2014

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