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I am Jayadas and along with my family, I shifted from Chennai to Gurgaon on 21/06/09. I planned to send the household things through packers and movers and chose Sahara Packers and Movers(hereafter referred as SPM) based on the timeline they quoted to deliver the things at Gurgaon. They packed the things from my Chennai home on 20/06/09 and promised that the things will be delivered at Gurgaon on 27/06/09 or 28/06/09. They mentioned this date in the quote that they gave me. My Consignment note No. is 102537. They charged Rs.19238 for this work and asked me to pay Rs.15238 initially and the remaining amount on receiving the things.

I brought my wife and 11 month old baby to Gurgaon with baby food for one week believing that SPM would keep their word and deliver the things on time. When I called the Chennai office on 26/06/09 to know the status, they told they will deliver on time. The very next day(27/06/09) they evaded answering my question. The next day (28/06/09) people at the Delhi office of SPM told that the vehicle carrying the things met with an accident and that things would reach only on 02/07/09. When I called the Chennai office on 29/06/09, I was informed that the vehicle carrying the things started from Chennai only four days earlier and it would reach on 02/07/09.

On 02/07/09, when I called up the Delhi office, they informed that they had not received the things. In the meantime I called the Complaint number of SPM (91 [protected]) to lodge a complaint. The person incharge sent the following SMS: Sorry, Ill call you back after some time, If anything urgent kindly SMS me the matter thanks. Even after I sent an SMS I didnt receive any call and had to call back repeatedly until he picked the call. He informed us that the things would reach Delhi on Saturday (04/07/09) and will be delivered at our home on Sunday (05/07/09). Even this did not happen. Since I was getting irresponsible replies from people at Chennai and Delhi SPM offices, I called their corporate office at Bangalore to get a concrete date of delivery and to get assured that my things were safe. I was informed that my things would be delivered on Tuesday (07/07/09). I waited for my things on Tuesday and since I didnt receive them or a call on the status of delivery, I made a call to the Chennai office in the evening. Only then I was informed that the vehicle met with an accident on Monday (06/07/09) some 750 kms from Delhi. They told that they would file an FIR, and an insurance person would survey the damage after which things would be brought to Delhi. When I called them today (10/07/09), to know if my things are safe and when they would deliver my things, they have told that the things will reach Gurgaon on 11/07/09 and delivery of things at my home would be on 12/07/09. I still doubt what they have told due to the replies I got earlier.

I have faced various challenges due to the delay in delivery of my household items by SPM.

1.) My babies stock of food was over in a week and he suffered from Diarrhoea on 29/06/09. As my scooter is being transported by SPM, I did not have any means of taking my child to the hospital for consultation with a Paediatrician and had to carry him to a dispensary by walk.

2.) I am getting food from outside until now.

3.) Being new to this place, my family is finding it difficult and are struggling to settle down in Gurgaon without any household items for the past three weeks.

After a period of around 25 days, I received my things in July 14th.

Many cartons were torn because of dampness and the cloths, pillows, bedsheets were wet and stinking. There were many other damages to the things like Washing Machine, Pedestan Fan, TVS Scooty, Plastic Kitchenwares. And parts of Baby Rocker, One Fibre stool and TVS Scooty key missing.

Before delivering the things at my home in Gurgaon, they asked me to come to their office for verifying whether there any damages to the things which was actually a ploy to force me to make the remaining payment to them before they could deliver things at my home.

I was waiting for my household things for the past three weeks and through out this time I was not sure whether my things were safe. When I asked them to reduce some money for the delay they made in delivering my things they didnot agree for that. Instead they insisted on paying them immediately with out even thinking that I would have the required amount in hand. Also they told it is against their company rules. The company rules appeared to be framed for the benefit of the company and not for the customers.

Through out this past three weeks, I didnt received any calls from the concerned person updating me when I will receive my things or the status of my things. Whenever I call to find the status, they just give me some false deadlines for pacifying me. But so far they havent kept their words.

I with my family had suffered a lot here in this new place (GURGAON) just because of SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS. My complaint against them is:

1. SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS had given a false promise to me that they will deliver the things in Gurgaon in 7 days time. (But they started the vehicle from chennai only 5 days after they packed the things from my home in Chennai).

2. SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS didnt called me for updating me about the status and delays in delivering my things in Gurgaon.

3. SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS had spoken to me without any responsibility and without courtesy when I called them to get updates.

4. SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS's quality of packing materials were very bad.

5. SAHARA PACKERS AND MOVERS has to compensate me for :

a. For the delay in delivering my household things in Gurgaon.

b. For the Telephone calls/Mobile Calls I made to them enquiring the status.

c. For the damages which have occured to my things during the transit from Chennai to Gurgaon.

d. For the mental stress that I had to go through along with my family during the past three weeks.

When I called them again and asked for the Claim amount, they are answering very irresponsibly. I kindly request you to get me justice.

Thanks and Regards
Jayadas C

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  • Ra
      Dec 09, 2009
    ravi kumar - items missed and some were damaged


    I booked my house hold items with sahara packers and movers in october, whicle booking they told that they will take care of everything.
    Packing is very very bad, goods were damaged while delivering,
    3 items were missed till now not delivered, not responding properly to the calls.
    Really i am irritated for this, i donot know what to do for this.
    Can any one kindly suggest me what to do for this.

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  • Ve
      Dec 09, 2009

    Please issue a notice to sahara packers and movers, claiming damages and compensation for mental agony (Rs 10, 000/-). After 15 days file a consumer case.
    For assistance, contact Chennai Consumers @ [protected]

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  • Je
      Jan 08, 2010

    strongly...i also faced similar scenario from sahara..i had used there services to get my veh transported from bangalore to agra..they promised to deliver within a week, after 4 days when i called to enquire the status ...bang they said...the veh met with an accident and has toppled over and my veh would be delivered after another 7 days from today(8 jan 09), and would be delivered only at tht they can get it rectified from maruti agency(my car being a swift). i believed them and in the evening i sat down to surf about them when i saw this...### i just hope tht my beauty is alright and they r just lying as in case of mr jayadas...will definitely drag them to consumer court once i receive my beauty...for all the mental tension they gave and the damages...PLEASE DONT USE SAHARA PACKERS ...jeet

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  • Ku
      Jul 08, 2010
    sahara packers and movers - Shipping Damages

    i have moved my house hold items from bangalore to my Hometown. Initially the sales person has given lesser quotation than others. But when he came to us and started bills with more than Rs.3, 000/- Extra. They also took Rs.3000/- for Insurance. But my House hold items got damaged. When i contacted them, they are not talking any things which solves the problem. I have sent mail, but nobody is responding.

    I Suggest Everyone Not to go with Sahara Packers & Movers.


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  • Sa
      Jan 03, 2012
    sahara packers and movers - Customer Service and Goods Delivery
    Sahara Packers and Movers

    I took the services of Sahara Packers and Movers before reading the reviews as it was recommended by an eminent person. But later is when I regreted the availed services when the response from Sahara Packers were totally irresponsible. Mr. Manoj the guy with most sarcastic attitude will never pick calls when you have a complaint or when you are awaiting your goods. They (Sahara Packers) firstly do not commit a date of delivery and on top of that even if they commit they do not deliver on time. We waited for nearly four days in Hyderabad to get our goods from Bangalore. And all these because of the guy Manoj and Jitest (another guy from this fraudulant company). We stayed in Lodging and had nothing but few clothes to wear until we received our good as they promised that the goods will be delivered immediately next day.

    The worst part was we made another mistake in making full payment of Rs.14000INR at the time of loading for which I deeply regret and appeal others not to get into advance payment. We were atleast feeling happy that even if the delivery is late we will atleast get our goods in proper condition and no brokages, but to our fate, we lost so many items that I cannot express my feeling. I had purchased a brand new and costly table (4+1) and they delivered with a chair broken. Glass bowls of two sets broken, Glass frame has a scrath inside (waste), a dent on double doored refridgerator door, speechless due to the loss and Sahara Packers response...very pathetic. Best example of worst custome care is Sahara Packers. I strongly recomment not to avail any service from these packers..lets teach them a lesson so that they can come up with good service.

    The concerned people (Manoj/Jitest) disconnect our calls and neither even call back. Is this a healthy dealing? NO, NOT AT ALL. The worst experience I ever had inspite of taking so much good care like having contact numbers of concerned people from Sahara, contact number of the driver of the carrier, contact number of one of the helper while loading, etc. They talk sweetly and nicely till the loading and payment and on top beg for tips and nevery negotiate on the quotes and moreover none of these numbers are answered at later point, I am also planning to reach out the consumer court.. Thank you.

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  • Bh
      Jan 30, 2012
    sahara packers and movers - Fraud
    Sahara Packers and Movers

    Sahara movers and packers are the worst movers and packer in the worls. Beware before appointing, these people are fraudster and they cannot deliver your material. They use your goods and send it to you to their own convenience, whenever they want to. Don't be surprise if you find your goods with dents, broken etc. your life will be hell if you choose this one. They took your luggage from your door promising to deliver to you at your destination, but fact is they use your goods and they never deliver in the promised time. These are actually fraudester, their staff is very arrogant and they may abuse you. BEWARE BEFORE CHOOSING THIS PACKER SERVICE CAUSE THEY MOVE YOUR EVERY THING.

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  • Bi
      Jun 30, 2014

    I also had similar experience. I regret the decision of availing their service.
    I did not do a proper research and thought it is related to "SAHARA".

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