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In short, these people are dishonest and deceitful in their business practices. Their movers are careless and caused extensive damage (approx $2000 in our case). I strongly suggest you do not do business with these people, and definitely don't give them your credit card number.

In Sept. 09 we spoke with Bill Shade (bill (at) to contract Safeway Van Lines for a home move from Maryland to Virginia, within the DC Metro Area. They first picked up a refrigerator at my parent's house (also in Maryland), then came to move us out of our rental home.

At my parents' house, the movers pushed the fridge the wrong way out the door leading to the basement, and broke the doorframe. Damage is estimated at approx. $650. Only two weeks earlier, Sears delivery people moved this same fridge through the same door with no problems at all.

Later that day, at our home, the movers scratched the wood floors in several areas, and even described to me *how* they accomplished this (improper use of the dolly). Total damage to this rental property was approx. $1300. This was taken out of our security deposit.

I called Bill Shade to file a damage claim, and he said that if we followed their claims process to the letter, we should have a response from their insurance company within a couple of weeks. This was in late Sept/early Oct 2009. It is now February 2010, and we have yet to hear anything from their insurance company - who, I am sure, was never notified by Bill or "his claims guy" of this claim.

While, Bill Shade is very responsive when you are negotiating a move and talking numbers, he falls off the face of the earth if you have a damages claim. But I didn't stand by and hope he would get back to me.

Multiple, multiple calls to Bill got either no answer, or, on the off chance he did answer (usually when I disguised my phone #), he told me that:
- He doesn't handle that, let me put you through to our claims guy. Claims guy's voice mailbox is full and not taking messages. Called Bill back, sent to voice mail. Left message, no return call.
- Their claims guy doesn't work afternoons, but Bill will make sure he calls back tomorrow. No call back.
- Their claims guy is out for a few days, give us until early next week so I can get "the update" (I got this one a few times). No return calls.

I could go on and on. It has been 4 months, and still not a word from Bill, Safeway Van Lines or their insurance company (if they even have one). We have paid almost $2000 in damages for which they are responsible, for a move that was supposed to cost around $1000.

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  • De
      25th of Feb, 2010

    It looks like I am not alone then. I was ripped off royaly by these guys. Soft spoken Bill says that his hands are tied and is awaiting for a response from the owner ( IYLA SHCHULKIN ) in order to resolve my matter.

    I moved from Maryland to Miami, FL in December.

    I was MIS-QUOTED a cost in order to gain my business - to later pay 50% more. The original estimate was 7, 000 pounds...the final outcome was 9000! How could they underestimate A TON OF WEIGHT!

    They have yet to deliver tw0 glass table tops ( living room ) nor reply to a claims form.

    Their driver (accidently) ran into a gate at the entrance to our community. the home owners association charged mme over $700 to repair the gate. Safeway should be repsonsible for this.

    My attorney has attempeted to reach no avail.
    i've reported them to the Better Businees Bureau as well.

    May I recommend that you do the same...I'd really like to get after these guys!

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  • Iv
      11th of May, 2010

    I agree. Safeway sucks. Run them outta business/

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  • Fr
      12th of Nov, 2010

    I agree they suck. Bill lies. I only moved less then 2 miles and it became a nightmare. Movers are rude and I have to wait to be refunded only part of it because its been a month so now bill does not remember saying he woudl refund me two items only says it was one item.

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