Safeway Pharmacy Leducdispensing fees

I went to safeway pharmacy in leduc ab. To get my usual prescriptions refilled. I have a new benefit plan and provided my card which they entered into the computer. They showed me a printout that stated there was a one time $40 deductible on the first drug and a $3.00 fee for all the others. I returned 2 hrs later to pick up my prescriptions and was handed a bill for over $200. 00 !!! Seems their dispensing fee, that i've paid hundreds of times, had more than tripled. They blamed the insurance company of course but it was them that showed me the printout before I ordered them. Basically they told me to take it or leave it, so I left it. After 5 years and thousands of dollars spent at safeway, I will no longer shop there. I have several other options here in town and will take my business elsewhere,


Kevin lemay

Jan 12, 2017

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