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Hello. Today stared out as a nice day. I went for a walk in the late afternoon down Mission Street. I want to walgreens and got some toothpaste and could only get $20 cash back from their machine. So next door was safeway so I got a melon gatorade and $60 cash at Safeway on 3350 mission street SF CA.

I returned in the evening with my purchased items and receipts. I even showed and explained they were purchased and the cashier asked if I wanted to return. I said no I am just showing proof of purchase from earlier.

I paid with card and I even entered my phone number.

This conversation was going while the security guard and another customer was in a heated argument with another customer or assumed thief. I don't know. I tried to avoid the incident by going out the right door but it was locked. So as I was walking out the security guard pushed me and grabs my bad and tells to get out. His eyes where huge like he was on drugs. A black security guard with an accent about 5'6".

I was shocked and scared. I tried to explain but the guy took my receipts ( which is thief ) I purchased all items. There were no transgression or mistakes.

I was assaulted and robed ( receipts ) . When I asked to speak with the manager the cashiers said the guard was the manager. This way about 7pm on 3/16/17. Go back and look at camera footage. I have nothing to hide.

Not only that. The guard grabbed items and placed in my bag. Which was the WORST. A misunderstanding is one thing, But to place items in my bad and take my receipts and accuse me of staling will make anyone not way to shop at your stores.
It took several attempts for the little asian man cashier to admit that I indeed showed him receipts

I got so upset and frustrated. I left and I will never return. I will make a big stink about it ! SHAME ON SAFEWAY. SHAME !

I'm been shopping at safeway fro 20 years but Trader Joe's is nice and they don't assault you and steal from you and make you feel horrible.

I want an apology ASAP !

Scott Litteral


Mar 16, 2017

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