Safewaycustomer service/ abusing customers with poor attitudes in management.

I seldom do this but I know I should have done this 8 years ago. I moved here 9 years ago after going to the Lincoln City’s Safeway I could not take the rudeness any longer. I now make it a point not to go into the store not even to use the pharmacist (who as I remember is nice). The manager seems to be the worst of them. I heard he had left and was still reluctant because of the problems I still hear about. I am in a lot of clubs or do presentation to a lot of clubs and I hear about problems. Even when I go to the Verizon store next to Safeway I hear tourists coming out of Safeway say they are glad they do not have to shop there. I know a lot of business come from tourists and weekenders who only need to deal with your employees once or occasionally.

Just so you know my experience I was a manager and district manager for Thrifty Drug and a General Manager for Fred Meyer. I always welcomed complaints so I could verify by surprise visits. Every store could use refinement.

Today I decided to try again because I heard the old manager had left. I went there to get a money order and found the same rudeness I had experienced the past. I waited until I remembered the service counter would be open. There was a customer at the counter and he was not being treated very nice but ignored it also made excuse for it. She commented that people never read the signs on the counter though I do not think anyone could miss the four signs on the counter saying please go to the cashiers for you needs. I saw this and asked a Jennifer M if the cashier could sell Money Orders. She said no and was not happy about it. Then I asked if they gave out numbers for getting service I was serious not being rude. She just said no.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lincoln City, ORThen I started to hear all about the problems she had books to do and no help and so on. She said she was hoping that it would be better when you put back in the self- service registers. With the rudeness, I saw in my short stay from overhearing a couple of cashiers while standing waiting this at least would be a way around it.
I finally told Jennifer M that I had heard the manager had left and she told me he left but they brought him back. I was hoping with the new manager the problems in the store would be less. I did notice a lot of new people working there and so I called a couple of people who I know had worked there and one who still does and was told about how they were and are being treated by management. No wonder there is a high turnover in the store.
I am volunteer with lots of community events and clubs in Lincoln City and have heard from more than a few people with the same feelings also how Safeway’s here is not very community minded. Even from a city commissioner or two. They allow Girl Scouts (even from out of town) to sell Girl Scout cookies (I did hear that there is a contract with them so they must) but they do not let the high school the Boy Scouts, Church groups, Cub Scouts to raise money in front of their store I know some go around and go by a close store in the mall. Safeway’s does not participate in the community they want the support from it is good for you they have the tourist’s here.
At some point you help your employees, customers and community and consider this matter. I know how poorly I was treated a long time ago by this manager. I tried again after time and (I thought) the manager leaving and it is still a customer service nightmare which I believe starts in management. I will still drive 26 miles than go back in that store.

May 01, 2017

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