Safe Link Wireless / application approval / denial & agent cust. ser. help / rude & disconnected in middle of conversation

North Branch, New York, United States
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Well now.

United states gov't wireless free phone!!!

1st// application file with ""safe link wireless""!

lets start out with no upgrade of information which was given w/ another affiliated co. I was dealing with over past 9 & 1/2 yrs, on first time of trying to apply w/ this safe link stated application. > stated info which I gave was not relative to info on file w/ sister provider!
*assurance wireless*provider for over 9 yrs

Then after being denied//
figured out problem and updated info with this co.{ safe link} as info they had on file"was not correct "I did correct info well over 9 yrs when situation of mine changed over 9yrs ago, but sister co. never upgraded my info & was running off past info which was not active any longer // they failed to upgrade my info!
Form of fraud on part of co.!

{2nd application}> with"safe link wireless"
Then I am told to reapply with my updated info due to original app. denied & no longer in system // so I re applied with info I was told to submit //ssd from ssa office & us gov't cards so I submit my medicare & co/ prescription card as back up proof

Get notice" documentation denied "this documentation is & was giving by the state of new york & governed by united states federal gov't!
Who pays this co. for their service with gov't & tax payers money!
social security disability administration is a united states governed agency!
I dealt with 1 agent telling me what to do after the co/ co. failure to upgrade the information which was provided over 9 yrs ago. & him telling me that document was fine and would be accepted.

After doing so/ no e-mail notice was given re: acceptance of application // no us mail notice this was into the be-ginning of the 3 week of waiting for acceptance/
1st week wait> denied due to co. incorrect info submitted.
2nd week / told to wait while new application was being approved by site contact help & to fax> medicare documents which was accepted proof of my ssd// which was accepted as documented proof was informed by going online to site to find out documented proof *not accepted* //

informed by {3rd agent} to disregard notice on site as not totally
Up - graded yet & to wait. if not heard by another week to call or get help!
Should get e-mail & or us mail notice within 7 days!/> nothing!!!

{4th agent} 4 weeks later > notifies me by online site operator"info was not accepted as incorrect info given"not accepting ssd medicare card info
Should submit //ssd info pertaining to finance for the month.
& fill out a third application & submit with more proof!
trying to explain and was just about fed up with all bologna > woulkd file finance wise to see if that would go through agent disconnects as stating while I am typing to her""if I am not going to listen to her she has no more time for me""!!!? unquote!

This is the so-called polite wireless phone co. & people they have running a service we are paying for as tax payer's

My friend informed me of changing over due to bad service I was getting with co. I had as his service works up where I live & is governed by same state & gov't

He applied stating he was unemployed & filled application got his phone in 5 days! no other info requested!
this was a couple months ago me I have gotten the run around for over 4 weeks!!!

May 1, 2017

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