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Safe Auto Insurance / Auto insurance

1 Skokie, IL, United States

This "company" is one of the most illegitimate, untrustworthy, and lying businesses that I have ever had the disservice of dealing with in my life. From the beginning, I asked them whether there would be any unforetold or unexpected policy rate increases and they blatantly lied and told me, no, saying how they would not raise my policy rate at all and that I would be paying the same amount each month. Only 2 months later and the rate increases, which I had no say over or was even notified by started. The 1st time they did this my bill went from $70 to $100, then the 2nd time from $103 to $142 and then a 3rd time from $140 to $167. Bear in mind I did not get into any car accidents while I had the auto insurance, no violations, NOTHING. I have a clean record with no tickets, accidents, or violations on my driving record and when I tried asking for an explanation from these people they first told me that it was due to me changing addresses, which I did not do, and then, later on said that they are charging different areas that people live in differently, SO WHICH ONE IS IT? HERE IS MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT THIS COMPANY. WHEN I DECIDED I HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR FRAUDULENT SCAMMING AND CALLED TO CANCEL MY SERVICE, THEY SPECIFICALLY TOLD ME THAT THEY WOULD ONLY CHARGE ME FOR THE DURATION OF THE MONTH THAT I HAD USED THE SERVICE AND NOT THE FULL AMOUNT. NOW THEY HAVE SENT OUT A DEBT COLLECTION TOWARDS ME FOR THE FULL AMOUNT, RUINED MY CREDIT, EVEN WHEN I AGREED TO PAY THEM THE FULL AMOUNT ANYWAY, ON TIME. This company is so disgusting in every aspect of their business that I have decided to take matters into my own hands and will be suing them soon on account of my lawyer. I would not recommend this disgrace of an auto insurance to even my worst enemy.

Nov 24, 2016

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