SABC / TV Licences / over charge, incorrect billing

Parow, South Africa

Good day

I have been attempting to get them to allocate my payments correctly towards my TV Licence for some time now without any success. I was advised that a bank statement is not a valid proof of payment which does not make sense as this is the highest rank of proof of payment and when I check my statements my balances does not make sense, it is so high that it seems like the monthly installment, yearly installment and my payments towards the licence is added instead of being updated correctly. I pay my TV licence yearly and as per my knowledge my next payment should only be due in 2018 however all my communication with them and the law firm they handed me over to ignores my correspondence to have this matter resolved. How am I to confidently pay my TV Licence when this is the problems I will have to deal with.

Oct 24, 2017

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