Ryobi Tools / battery operated accessories

Burlington, North CarolinaBurlington, NC, US

This year I have purchased the following Ryobi products from Home depot.
2 Hand Held Skills Saws -all Plug in
1 Sander- Plug in
1 Jig Saw - Plug in
1 Battery operated saw
1 Battery operated Drill 18 volts
2 Battery Chargers for 18 Volt Battery

The plug in items work fine.

The battery Items must have defects because they will stay charged. Example; the Handheld Drill once the battery has been charged, it will lose power after drilling in two screws( Not Good)

The Handheld Battery skill saw will not hold charge long enough to cut through one piece of 2 by four.( Not Good).

All of these items were purchased new . All battery charge items have defects and will not hold charges.

I would like to return these items and replace them with all electric plug in items.

Your response is appreciated

Aug 22, 2018

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