Ryan Homesair conditioner

When building our home in 2016 we expressed many concerns about the air conditioner and would it be sufficient for the amount of square footage. We were assured that it would be fine. We added a room to the 2nd floor and thereby increased our square footage from the original model. We thought that there should be two air conditioners. After moving in we have experienced the upstairs being very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. The air conditioning service came out several times, replaced things, fixed things, but nothing has alleviated the heat upstairs. We spoke to another neighbor who had two air conditioners and asked them how they got Ryan to put two air conditioners in. He said they automatically did it because of his square footage. His square footage of his house was 3800. Our square footage is 4200. When addressing this concern to the manager Dan, of construction, I was continually ignored. At first he kept saying he would get back to me, then he never did. I tried emailing Ryan about my concerns. NOTHING. I am still sitting with the air conditioning leaking, probably because it is working too hard to pump air all through the house, no comments from Ryan, no help whatsoever, and the fact that they can't even get back to me is ridiculous. I want another air conditioner installed and all Ryan does is ignore me.

Sep 21, 2018

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