RushMyPassport.comPassport fiasco!

K Mar 07, 2017

Solicited the services of this company because we discovered that my son's passport expired and he was set to travel out of the country in 2 weeks. I paid the initial fee of $158.90 and was sent a two page check off list of everything needed to get his passport in time to travel. After getting everything together and ready to be processed I was told he would not receive the passport in time (2 weeks) and for a "faster" service I would need to pay an additional $130, which I did. Then we had to find a passport agent that did not have a month long wait to get into see them, which the closest one was 1 hr away, ok... To get this done my son drove the hour... The passport agent charged $25 to review and seal the envelope to send to rushmypassport (Rmp). So here we are 2 days from his travel date and still no passport... My son called and inquired about the status of the passport and was told the us department of state rejected the check for $170 stating it was the wrong amount. 10 minutes after my son called we conveniently received an email stating such... Rushmypassport (Rmp) claimed they just received the letter. Now, for another $10 rmp would cut a check on our behalf to get the passport, but it would not arrive until the day after my son was to leave the country. For all our trouble rmp is supposed to refund me $130 for the "faster" service (i doubt i'll see it) and I got the privilege to be berated by their "solutions representative"so we waisted $158.90 for a bogus service, $25 "sealing charge" mileage, time, and, photos, fedex envelope and flight and hotel expenses. Do not use this service, it is a scam!!

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