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On May 1 2017 my Rush card was stolen and used to run up charges in Hotels in Los Angeles California at various times over a 2 week period they charged my Card. How the Hotels or Services allowed this with out the Actual cardholder or seeing the card having my Signature is Theft.
Your company was notified on May 8 2017 and immediately the Credit card was cancelled. However I was instructed by Rush that after filling the Dispute forms for me being defrauded they would credit back my Account. It has been one LYING STORY after another. I've spoken on 10 Seperate times to Supervisors as well as Rush Agents with still more lies. You are to Protect me not STEAL from your Consumers. Make them SUFFER over a period of False notice. It is Horrible to be Stolen from, and then have Rush Firm Protect the Thief instead of their Customer Base. Every Firm I've dealt with has protected my interest as a Client. Ex. American Express Discover and others. Rush you have hurt your client. I want my Funds returned immediately as well as some kind compensation from Rush for these unprofessional actions to not protect me as I was Stolen from without cause.

May 19, 2017

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