RushCard / UniRushtreated like a like when I was a victim of fraud

I made a dispute on 11/7/2018. I live in Kansas City Missouri and made 4 purchases on my card locally.

I went to use my card for a 5th time and it was declined. I called RUSHCARD MEMBER SERVICED at which time I saw other charges I was no ware of and disputed them. They were Google apps purchased. I know what they now are.

I called and canceled the dispute on the Google charges. I however still told rep I had not made a purchase to Best Buy in Philadelphia PA for $61.95. And that I only have one card on my account, which RUSHCARD can confirm I have never had a 2nd card. No one knows my pin it is memorized.

I asked to Rep I talk to that he could confirm my purchases at home in Kansas City Mo not PA. He said yes. RUSHCARD has denied my dispute. This is theft and fraud and RUSHCARD has no way to protect this type of thing from happening and refused to even give me my $61.95 back.

I live pay check to pay check i.e my payroll is deposited to my RUSHCARD. I have been with them since 2007 and this is wrong. There is no way I'm in KC shopping with my card and making a purchase at a BEST BUY IN PA. They have treated me like a liar I am a victim of fraud and theft.

I at this point and hurt and feel let down by RUSHCARD. I pay my $5.95 monthly fee every month and have for over 8 years now and to be treated this way is dead wrong.

Nov 26, 2018

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