RushCard / retired money not in my account

73 Augusta Street, Trvington, United States

This is my second complaint about, on Dec 30th I sent in a copy of my id and social security card, i was getting a large some of money sent there. On Dec 31 I get a text to call, i call and they told me to send in another copy, the same copy which was light, that i sent in July 2015 and they accepted it. I call on Dec 31 and they told me they could not read it, so i sent in another copy which was bigger and a little darker, they told me they could not read it. On Jan 1, I sent in another copy this time a copy of where it is coming from and the amount along with my IDs, now they close i have to wait tell Mon or Tues. If they sent my money back, i will take all my money out and close the account and go somewhere else. I am tired them telling me that i am a good customer and they treating like this.

Jan 02, 2016

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