RushCard / irs tax refund deposit

In the past two days I have been communicating with rush card about my its tax refund... You were holding it because the amount was over $10, 000 $11, 601 to be exact. Within minutes of recieving the first email from rushcard, I sent in all documentation that your agent requested. Which I recieved confirmation that you recieved it. Then I recieves an email asking for my first and last name and last 4 digits of my social. I then called immediately after to see how long this process will take and the agent told me it would be 24-48 hours. This all took place march 8, 2016! So I did not call yesterday march 9, 2016, thinking I had to give them time to process. So I call this morning to find out what is going on and they tell me I failed to send in a copy of my social security card so my refund was sent back to irs! I spoke with a manager name andre employee #170510, who refused to one go back into her recorded conversations, two give me her last name, three give me a corporate number, four give me a name to her supervisor or anyone above her! No one asked me to send in a copy of my social security card otherwise it would have been sent in with the rest of the copies within minutes of my first email! You should have recorded conversations as well as reciepts of the emails going back and fourth as to this situation! I do not see how I should be penalized for a mistake made by your company?! And then to top it off I can not speak to a live agent about the situation! Someone needs to have some kind of responsibility over this situation and this should be fixed! I am extremely upset and will get an attorney if need be! I also recorded andre as she denied me all of these things.. It amazes me how one can be so careless when they screwed up something so big and federal now I have to wait till irs recieves the returned deposit so they can send me a check! It can take weeks on top of the 8 weeks I already waited!

Mar 10, 2016

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