RushCard / account login

I can't log into my Rushcard VISA account online or using the Android smartphone app from the Google Play Store. I receive an error message informing me that my userid/password is invalid. I am forced to change my password on the site in order to access my account. As soon as I logoff my account after changing my password, I attempt to log back into the site and receive the same error message. This has been happening since October, 2015 and I have reported it five times to customer service. The most recent report was on February 17, 2016 when I talked to a supervisor, Jay, who informed me that this was a know problem and they were working on a solution. It is now March 28, 2016 and I have heard nothing from them about my problem. The problem still exists today as I just attempted to log into my account again. I attempted to contact Jay again today at their customer service number but was informed that he was not available. The customer service representative wanted me to detail to him once again my problem and I refused telling him I had already reported the problem and was just calling to follow up on the existing problem. He told me he had no record of my reported problem and would need to make a new report. I find their customer service unacceptable at this point and will soon cancel my account. All I really want is to be able to log into my account without being forced to change my password.

Mar 28, 2016

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