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Boston, MA, United States
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Several months ago I purchased a bag from RueLaLa. The bag itself looked great, quality was fantastic and it was in perfect condition. But something was strange about it, so I did a research and it turned out to be fake! It was not the real Prada bag as it was written on their website. I contacted customer service and their rep told me she would call me back later. Few days later I called them again and was told they wouldn't be able to accept my return because of the time frame. They sold me a fake bag and I just wanted my money back! I paid $900, because I wanted a real Prada bag! They refused to give me a refund, because it was a "used" bag. Well, if it is necessary I will take this to the next level! if it is necessary! This horrible website should be shut down for selling false merchandise!

Dec 29, 2015

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