Ruby Tuesdaymanagement/ waitress

First the waitress forgot to give us untensils, she also forgot to take back the menus. The food was taking a while and I noticed others getting theirs who came after we did. She eventually came over and asked if anyone brought us our food. Really? She then left to check but took forever to return and when she came back still no food just reasons why we had none. We spent an hour in this place and ate the salad bar but we could take no more and got up to leave. The waitress was talking to another lady as we told her we were leaving. The other lady apologized and said if we waited a second she would see what happened because our waitress had put the order in twice. What? You offer us nothing but more time to wait! Really, she explained that our waitress was new but that was not our fault! She gave us no reason to stay so we left. Maybe a discount or a free meal for all the inconvenience would have been nice. No more Rubies for me. SMH

Apr 15, 2016

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