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Iam an employee at ruby Tuesdays In Springfield pa. We've recently had a new GM named Chris Weed he's the worst to say the least. We have yet to have a meeting on introduction to the guy the only meetings we've had since he's been there were about the new items coming into the the restaurant and on the menu. He's made changes and hadn't had a meeting on the changes he would like but yet pentialize employee's for not following rules that he may have made the day before. And if he does say anything he'll post it on hotschedules which everyone doesn't have everyone isn't fortunate to have a laptop or phone that can access it so they don't we can't see half of it and we get penalized for not following rules and we some coworkers as a team in the restaurant has asked and or suggested for a house meeting multiple times and he ignores the request. He has no control over the store he has cooks in the kitchen high off i dont know what nodding off while cleaning the fryers he wime him up and asked was he ok but yet he fires a black guy for voicing his opinion when another coworker threw his belongings in the trash knowing it was his he treats the African Americans low and I'm not African American but i do pay attention!The only time he tries to have control is when he knows his boss is dropping by the store..
The other managers are bad too one is having sex with back of the house workers her name is Tara Pavlovski she doesn't do anything to benefit the store. The only real manager we have is Stephani Williams honestly but her attitude turns the whole store blue.
I just ask for better management for the company for the store for out team

Jan 19, 2017

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