Ruby Tuesday / a very bad food experience

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Sunday 11/27/16 my fiancé and I went to the Ruby Tuesday at 10843 W. Park Place in Milwaukee, Wi 53224 for dinner. I ordered the petit sirloin steak w/broccoli and mashed potatoes, when the meal came out which took 1/2 hr to receive the steak look like a dried piece of shoe leather and one whole side of my plate was dirty. We asked the server to come back to the table and I said what I wrong with the steak and why is my plate dirty? she responded that they probably had tried wiping the plate off in the kitchen that was only the 1st part I was given a platter size plate which for the portion of the serving it looked like the plate was empty. She took the plate back to the kitchen to have it re-done when she returned with my fresh plate it did look better but why are your portions so small and if they are going to be that small why are they served on such a big plate. We were there about a month ago and enjoyed our food I also got a steak at that time but was satisfied. You really need to work on your presentation of the food. We paid our bill but my fiancé says we will never go back I was really disappointed with the size, the appearance, and the lack of caring about my eating experience there.

Nov 29, 2016

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