Ruby Tuesday / a server

On October the 9th we went to the Ruby Tuesday in Columbia Tennessee the food was great and we thought the server was also until I get my bank statement she had added $7.00 to my ticket for her tip we had left cash tip with her. I went to the restaurant when my statement came in the mail and talked to the mangers not sure what their names was but they were very nice and worked hard to find the receipt which they did find and that's where we saw she had added herself a tip. They said that they would have it put back in my account within a week. it's pretty sad when you are on a fixed income and when you do get to go out and eat someone would do this. Not sure if I will return to Ruby Tuesday because of this. I know it's not the mangers fault and I do appreciate their hard work on fixing my bill but I would like to know what they did to the server because if she was not fired for this I know without a doubt I will not be back. You can contact me at [protected] if you have any questions about my experience

Nov 12, 2016

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