Royal United Mortgagesales

This is second time trying here, if it repeats, sorry! I was interested in merely finding out where the mortgage interest rates are at the present time. I tried finding it online and of course received calls immediately. One of them was from Royal United. They would call about every 10 minutes sometimes right after another. I work during the day but I would check my caller ID. When I finally answered the guy was very pushy for me to give him so much information it could fill a book. I told him I'm not looking to start a loan process, simply wanting to know where interest rates are so I could make a decision if I wanted to refinance. He insisted he needed all of this info. because things "have changed" and this is protocol. After about 30 minutes I was finally able to hang up. Then another person called me, a "senior loan advisor for the state of Pennsylvania". He needed more information. I politely told him I felt they were going through a lot of work because I just wanted to know what present interest rates are and he then started to get very arrogant and condescending insisting I tell him what my future financial goals are. He said it didn't matter what the interest rates are and wanted to know why I was so concerned about that. He wanted me to take cash out and proceed with a loan. He then told me he'd have to call me back with a quote and I never heard from them again! Good riddance, but I still don't know what the average interest rate is! Ha!!

Jan 13, 2015

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