Royal United Mortgage / did not fully pay off debts

Bass Lake, CA, United States

Company contracted to pay off several debts as a refinance. Appraisal fee increased from original amount by $125, we were charged for wire transfers, and other "miscellaneous" costs and then when the matter "closed" we were left holding the bag on almost $1200 of the debts they were to pay off. We were told to close out two credit card account and let them know when they were closed and no further charges could be made and they would then determine the balance and pay them off. We complied exactly. They then sent us a wire (which we had to pay $25 for) to pay one card co. and sent payment for the other directly to the card co. We were told that conference calls had been made to the credit card companies to verify the balances owed. Not so. We are now told they did not check with the card companies, they checked with their credit reporting agency. The balances were readily available on-line or by phone, but they never checked. Instead they paid almost $1200 less than what was old and told us tough s#$% - there was nothing they were going to do about it - we should have checked and never signed the final papers - this after they assured us they had checked and the amounts were correct. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE - Tim Moskal, Shawn Greve and Bobby Stines. They sweet talk you right up until they stab you in the back. And we went to these people to save money...!!?? Bad business.

Apr 30, 2014

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