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Royal Holiday Club / problems getting cancellation!

1 Mexico

We have had no end of trouble with Royal Holiday Club. We have tried to get our concerns and complaints addressed with this company from the very beginning, but have never received any answer or any customer service whatsoever. They have repeatedly refused to address our dispute or acknowledge any of our requests for answers in any form, no matter our requests, written or otherwise.

Our complaints are many:

1. We were told and led to believe that we earned holiday credits every year and that those credits could keep accumulating towards a future holiday. Upon getting home, we discovered that this was a misrepresentation of the facts and that the true facts were not revealed to us in the interest of full disclosure at the time of purchase. Apparently, we cannot roll over each year's credits and build up enough for a holiday. From what we have been able to discover since then, only 20% from the year before can be used and that isn't even automatic. This knowledge, had we had it upfront, would have definitely influenced our decision whether or not to buy into the club. Again, we have been extremely upset with the lack of full disclosure and the misrepresentation of facts, including outright lies in order to pressure us into signing up.

2. Sales person promised that the club credit is always cheaper than booking online, but reality is using the points that end up costing way more than any airline holiday package. Royal Holiday Club uses dishonest or deceitful sales practices in order to get us to enter a contract.

2. We were granted a signing bonus of an additional two years (24 months) two rooms credit. This offer was used to pressure and influence us to sign up. But ridiculously this offer had an expiry date of 12 months from date of issue. This is fraudulent by itself, and especially so as we informed them before signing that we did not plan to take another holiday in the next year. Royal Holiday Club fails to inform us of the terms and conditions of the contract, which state leads to difficulties in booking travel dates or obtaining the accommodations suitable or comparable to what was presented to us upon the signing of the contract.

3. We informed Royal Holiday of our issues in emails dating approximately 1 week after our contract signing (Dec 25, 2018). We have never received any reply or answer from Royal Holiday regarding our serious concerns.

4. We are trying to cancel the contract and obtain a refund days later only to find out that they only had 5 days to cancel, which there was no mention of prior to the sale and signing of said contract.

5. We were led to believe a lot of other "benefits" were available such as "renting out credits" and non-restrictive holiday bookings, etc. Nothing has been easy or straightforward with this company and we have been unsuccessful in accessing these benefits and have received no assistance or helpful information on accessing these benefits.

6. We have refused to pay Royal Holiday any more money as a result of their fraudulent business practices and deceitful tactics used to scam us out of our money while providing an inferior quality of service and benefits that are contrary to what was disclosed and promised us at the very beginning. Instead of addressing our concerns, Royal Holiday without ever ONCE trying to resolve our issues with information, answers, satisfactory customer service, and documentation in writing as requested on numerous occasions.

Although we enjoyed our actual holiday in Mexico, it is really shame that the Princess hotel allow such sales happens in this resort. This experience has definitely spoiled any desire to return to or to recommend Mexico as a holiday destination. It is highly unfortunate that what we thought would be a good investment and beneficial to our family and friends has actually helped this unscrupulous company continue to scam more tourists out of their money, and continue to misuse the beautiful natural resources of Mexico for their own financial gain and irrevocably mar the reputation of Mexico.

We wish that our contract be voided and rescinded and demand all monies paid to Royal Holiday to be returned as soon as possible. (Total of $6500 USD lost in payments)


Jan 6, 2019

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