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Royal Holiday Club / fraud and scam!

1 Mexico Review updated:

I used to work for Royal Holiday Club, in the corporate office in Mexico City, not Miami Fl, like they lead you to believe. Unfortunately I agree with all the complaints that are presented on this page. just to let you know, all of you guys that have that infamous "annuity certificate" that your sales rep said would return your money after 30 yrs, well... its not true, in the history of Royal Holiday there hasn't been one single "anuity certificate" been cashed and the "bank" that holds your investment doesn't even exist, If you don't believe me, just try calling someone from that "bank" (the tel number is in the back of your annuity cert) and i assure you will never get an answer, and if you are lucky and you do get a call back, is more than likely to be a reservations agent from Royal Holiday. I would suggest you either sell, rent or give away your membership before it eats you away. Oh... and to all those people that think of reporting Royal Holiday to any American/Canadian Agency, don't waste your time or any more of your money for that matter, it's not going to do you any good. The U.S government or law has no jurisdiction in Mexico or the Caribbean were all of the Royal Holiday sales take place, why do you think that they don't sell memberships in their U.S resorts? Anyhow, Royal Holiday is not THAT BAD, you can actually make business out of it, well if you are smart about it of course, you can sell vacations using your points to friends, family or co-workers, just advise them not to make your same mistake, you don't want to see them back home with a 5,000 point membership that is not even good to cover for a decent family vacation. oh... and to all of you guys that complain about availability, please take into considerations the following points:

1)the amount of points you have (having 5,000 points does not make you a v.i.p when there is someone else that has payed a membership for 100,000 point, yes, there are people that pay more than 100,000 usd and are happy with RH).
2) seasons (for more availability go during months no one else is vacationing).
3)locations (its not the same going to the bahamas than going to hawaii, therefore is not going to cost you the same).
4)amount of people vacationing (please don't try to squez a family of 10 if you only have 5,000 points and can only afford a room for four people).
5)room accommodation (again, with a petty membership of less than 30,000 points, you are never going to see what a presidential suite looks like, sorry... not happening).
I truly feel your frustration, i had to deal with all of your complaints for 2 yrs, as a former NEW MEMBERS agent, if you want things done, you have to be super persistent and super duper NICE, most of the sales and reservations agents that RH hires hate the gringo ego and gringos in general (AMERICAN/CANADIANS).

Currently I am located in the South Florida Area, if you need any more specific info on how to make your membership to good use, in other words, how to beat the monster known as ROYAL HOLIDAY, you can email me to

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  • Ro
      4th of Sep, 2010
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    I have read MANY complaints about the company. I too was made to believe the "lies" during a very hot and muggy presentation in Ixtapa. When I started asking questions about credits and cost, etc., the rep. excused himself and deferred to a so-called Doctor so-and-so (he showed us his business card!) who convinced me that as a member of Club Intrawest I was getting a special deal. All I had to do was send in my membership number.
    Well, I did sign up for 15000 credits, which I chalk up to the heat and humidity (or perhaps stupidity!). Upon returning home, I contacted Intrawest and was told there was NO agreement between the two companies. Obviously, I was duped. While I have enjoyed stays at various Park Royal hotels, the fact that they became All Inclusive shortly after I signed makes them very expensive. Needless to say, I was not informed about the AI decision beforehand.
    To resume, I must admit I regret my decision to join and would very much like to sell my credits.

  • Sa
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    There has been many many people got into this the same way by giving them a wrong information. And according to any law as far as I'm considered (except laws of Meksiko I guess :)) it is a criminal action made by a seller. Misleding people to sign the contract by this information which is not true. And as you have seen already in contract it says that only information matters are writtenwords in contract, except when its fraudulent by itself . Then it's got to be against to even Mexican law.

    And its is against to (also Mexican) law to give wrong information... 'right to receive sufficient and truthful information about the products acquired (articles 32, 33 and 34 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law etc...

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